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In a nutshell: What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO is a special approach to search engine optimization to operate. It involves deliberately violating the guidelines of search engines such as Google in order to achieve good rankings within a short period of time. But these can be punished just as quickly.


What exactly is blackhat SEO?

Black Hat SEO arose in the course of the commercialization of the Internet. Search engines are deliberately manipulated with the help of various methods. For the most part, spam methods are used, for example the use of so-called link farms.


Black Hat SEO can also be implemented by means of software. Black Hat programs automatically place numerous links on different pages. The goal is to increase the link popularity.



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What are the black hat SEO mehtodes?


Meanwhile, there are various methods to perform targeted Black Hat SEO. Various methods are listed below:


  • Expired Domains: Expired domains are internet addresses that have been deleted by a domain registrar on short notice, which SEOs like to use for Black Hat SEO. Expired domains often have inbound links. For this reason, operators link from the expired domain to a specific project to increase its trust.


  • Spam software: Spam software is capable of setting spam links on numerous websites and forums after a configuration. In the process, link popularity is built up in the shortest possible time, which can lead to better rankings. The process is completely automated.


  • Private Blog Network (PBN): SEOs have the option of building their own small or large blog network. The PBN is then used for cross-linking to strengthen individual pages among themselves. For the individual pages, there is also talk of satellite domains.


  • Article spinning: Article spinning uses programs that automatically modify predefined texts. This results in a mass production of new texts, which, however, are often of inferior quality.


  • Negative SEO: To specifically harm competitors and remove them from the search engine index special damaging measures are carried out. This also includes the deliberate setting of spam links.


  • Link buying: buying links on exchanges to boost your own domain and link popularity.


  • Doorway Pages: In this Black Hat SEO method, special doorway pages are placed between the actual target page. The goal is to get traffic.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Black-Hat SEO?

If website owners use Black Hat SEO, they can achieve high link popularity in a short time. Search engines like Google need some time to recognize the spam system and penalize the respective page. But during this period, the operator benefits from good rankings and the associated traffic as well as revenue.


However, success is usually short-lived. If search engines recognize a black hat SEO method, this usually has a PENALTY as a result. In the worst case scenario, a ban from the search engine index.

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Conclusion on Black Hat SEO

If website owners operate Black Hat SEO, they use various methods such as setting spam links. This gives the opportunity to get good rankings and thus traffic in the short term. But as a rule, after some time, the search engine penalizes the site. So if webmasters want to profit and be successful in the long run, Black Hat SEO is rather less suitable.


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