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The initial situation

When Dierk Harder's team contacted us, the ComPers company website had just been launched.

The team was sobered to discover that the website had zero visibility after the relaunch.


At the start of the collaboration, we analyzed the source of the error and quickly determined that the website was preventing Google from indexing it at all. In concrete terms, this meant: no index, no rankings, no traffic.

Video production from Munich

ComPers has specialized in IT training. The training courses are IHK-certified and fall under the titles of Operative Professional or Bachelor & Master Professional.

This is comparable to a master craftsman's examination. 


Since 1992, more than 1000 participants have successfully completed their advanced training courses to become operational professionals and are now more successful in their day-to-day project work.


The unique selling point of ComPers lies in its flexibility. They offer IT training in the hybrid model, both on site in Berlin, Hamburg & Hanover, as well as

Our approach

In the very first step, we indexed the website and released the readability for the Google crawler.


At an initial meeting, we defined the primary focus keywords together with ComPers and used them to plan the optimal page URL structure for the future.


In the second phase of the project, we created high-quality editorial content for the future target pages. To define it using a concrete example, it was about the focus keyboard "Bachelor Professional".


After initial movements in the ranking, we had proof that the strategy was working. Last but not least, we supplemented the great on-page preparatory work with topic-relevant backlinks and thus jumped into top position.

The result of the collaboration

We were able to accompany ComPers from zero visibility to the top dog in the "Bachelor Professional" sector.

The new top rankings not only had an impact on traffic, but also significantly on the number of registrations for further training. 


In addition to the well-converting organic traffic, we also placed Google Ads.

1,500 +

Organic traffic


Page 1 Rankings

438 +

Keywords in the top 100

Ahrefs Traffic before

0 organic visitors per month

Ahrefs keywords before

Result afterwards:

Bachelor Professional in 2nd place

Ahrefs Traffic after

1,499 visitors per month according to

Ahrefs keywords before

438 keywords in total according to

Result afterwards:

Bachelor Professional in 2nd place

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