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Looking for freelance SEO optimization? As a competent top-class SEO freelancer, I will inspire you with my way of high-class search engine optimization! Using freelance SEO for websites and online stores from all over Germany, I will help you to generate more leads or sales in Google and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo! 


I see myself as your loyal sales booster, because through my passionate work as a top-class SEO freelancer, I use search engine optimization to ensure that you are more visible in Google and benefit from more top rankings in the organic search results. search results will benefit! As Germany's renowned freelance SEO expert, I am your No. 1 contact when it comes to getting to the highly coveted top positions in Google, the No. 1 search engine!


High-quality on-page SEO, informative content, professional keyword research, effective link building, SEO audits and top-class competitor analyses are my calling: what is merely a compulsory event for other SEO freelancers fills me and my highly motivated freelance SEO team with passion and motivation. We always give 100% to our client projects and work very hard to turn our clients' goals into reality. Our biggest incentive is measurable search engine results and our greatest reward is the smile of satisfied customers. 


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Our services

Freelancer for search engine optimization takes you to a whole new level of visibility with freelance SEO!

As SEO freelancers, it is our job to help you achieve the highest possible visibility and success in Google. Because once you are among the top 10 search results with your keywords, you can expect many advantages, such as better planning in terms of continuously incoming new customer inquiries.


As a professional freelancer for search engine optimization, I have the necessary expertise to get you and your online store or website to the top of the search engines. Using sophisticated freelance SEO, I offer you search engine optimization at the highest level of freelancing.

SEO optimization increases your local reach. Your target group will find you faster & better and you will reach the customers you really want.
With the right optimization, you can drive more organic traffic to your website in the long term and then convert it into paid customers.
Thanks to the traffic you receive through search engine optimization, you will continuously receive new customer inquiries day after day and have the choice of who you want to work with and who not.
If you rank at number 1 in Google with certain keywords, you have a certain standing to the outside world, because then you are the number 1 for your niche in your city.
Through continuous new customer inquiries via Google, you have predictable company growth. You know how many new customers you can acquire per month and can calculate accordingly.
The more terms for your website rank number 1 in Google, the better known you become in your city, because then there is no way around you when your target group searches for your keywords.

Freelancing SEO from the experts: Your Search Engine Optimization freelancer offers you these services:

Regardless of whether you run a joinery, a bakery, a hairdressing salon, a car dealership, a medical practice, a dental practice, a beauty clinic, an insurance agency, a law firm or any other business with its own website or online store: The advantages of an SEO freelancer are obvious, because with me as an experienced SEO freelancer and my experienced freelancing SEO team, we can offer you the following top-class services, among others:

  • top-class SEO consulting
  • first-class on-page optimization
  • fantastic and effective link building
  • Highly effective search engine optimization
  • the almost perfect local search engine optimization
  • Unique and specially devised SEO strategies
  • great SEO audits (SEO analyses)
  • Sophisticated SEO concepts
  • Professional SEA (search engine advertising)
  • great SEO for Google my Business
  • fascinating SEO workshops
  • Top-class optimization of Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords

I would like to take over these and other SEO freelance services for you! Because my expertise for you and your company website is often far better than the expertise of other SEO freelancers! While I and my freelance SEO team bring you visibility and top rankings in Google and other search engines, you can relax in the meantime and dedicate yourself to the core tasks of your company in the knowledge that an experienced SEO freelancer is working on the success of your website or online store!

SEO Freelancer brings your website or online store to top positions in Google and other search engines!

If you run a website or online store, your goal is to generate as many leads, downloads or sales as possible. As an experienced SEO freelancer, I can help you achieve this with sophisticated freelance SEO, because in order to be successful with your website or online store in the long term, you need to be visible in Google and other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. In concrete terms, this means that you need at least top positions in Google, because the Google search engine generates by far the most search queries in Germany.


So if you want to achieve the greatest possible business success in search engines such as Google, for example because you are a dentist and run a dental practice, then get your free consultation with me now! As a competent and experienced SEO specialist, I will guide you and your dental practice's corporate website to the top of Google using effective freelance SEO. As a successful freelancer for highly efficient search engine optimization, I can also offer to optimize your company website in a highly professional manner and guide it to the top rankings, regardless of whether you are a dentist, freight forwarder, real estate agent, lawyer, insurance broker or, for example, a hotelier.

Have you been disappointed by SEO freelancers or agencies? Benefit from the SEO freelancer's promise of quality!

If the SEO freelancer's search engine optimization does not bear fruit, then this is at the expense of the customer. The result of unsatisfactory performance by freelancers and agencies is often disappointed and frustrated website and online store operators from all corners of Germany. It is often not only the relatively poor performance of a freelancer or SEO agency that causes great disappointment. In addition to a lack of SEO expertise, excessive costs and so-called gag contracts with disproportionately long terms often lead to a valley of tears. My team of freelance SEO experts is here to make sure this doesn't happen to you and doesn't set you and your company back! We give you our best freelance SEO every day!


If you would like to work with me and my team of specialists, I would like to invite you to do so! For us as freelance SEO experts, quality doesn't just mean providing first-class search engine optimization for you and your company website. Our definition of quality encompasses all areas of cooperation with our website and online store clients.


This starts with your free strategy and consultation meeting, continues with order processing and the exact implementation of the SEO and/or search engine marketing services you and your company require and ends with SEO reporting. My goal as a leading SEO freelancer in Germany is to provide my great clients with the highest quality at a very fair price. Get in touch with me now, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how insightful a conversation with me can be! I have designed the exact process of your cooperation with me in the best possible way for you!


Top rated SEO agency in Germany

Over 500+ clients trust our SEO expertise for Munich and the whole of Bavaria!

Many well-known customers from Munich and the whole of Bavaria already trust us. Whether local companies such as doctors and real estate agents or online stores. As a highly specialized team of SEO freelancers, we can deliver exceptional results in all highly competitive SEO niches. deliver exceptional results.


Short video testimonials from our customers!

Interested in what our customers have to say? Listen to some excerpts from our customer testimonials now! 

Jule Bunze

Jule Bunze | Copywriter & Texter Munich

Uta Pittino

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Munich


Coworking space in Munich

Korbinian Gerstl


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Strong customer results

Case studies of successful customers

The best references are the voices of others! In the overview you will find video testimonials from happy customers. We have prepared more detailed case studies for you here. 

"SEO is the most successful marketing measure that we have implemented in recent years from the hodgepodge of measures. Thanks to Team Specht GmbH for their consistency and support over several years"

A lot of organic rankings but money keywords not in the top 3.

In addition to highly authoritative backlinks the site was cleaned up onpage from keyword cannibalization to onsite basics. 

After 2 years, there are countless money keywords in the top 3 that ensure strong sales growth.

No rankings in the highly competitive Google 3-pack. As a result, important local search queries were missed and left to the competition.

In addition to setting up hundreds of business directory profiles, we also took care of positive reputation management of Mana.

Indisputable local 3-pack ranking for his money keywords, even one-pack ranking due to high authority. Massive customer growth!

"I now have a firm foundation that lets me sleep soundly because I have gained many new customers. I can recommend Specht GmbH with a clear conscience to any company that seriously wants to grow through SEO & SEA. "

"Absolute recommendation for this local SEO agency in Munich! When I started my own business, I attended a local SEO course for freelancers with Timo Specht and his team and used the tool SEO successfully booked. Coupled with the great work of Timo and his team, my website was ranked on page 1 of the Google search with my relevant keyword within a few weeks. In the meantime, I have also been ranked number 1 in Google Search and Google Maps for several months, which has enabled me to generate many inquiries and new customers. I can only recommend anyone who wants to start their own business to have local SEO on their radar from the outset and to work with Timo Specht as an agency."

The newly launched website was beautiful at the start, but not visible, just like Jule's Google Business profile.

In order to quickly generate relevant new customer inquiries, we focused purely on the money keywords = all keywords with the intention to buy "copywriter Munich". 

After 6 months of optimization, we achieved pole position with Jule as the number 1 "copywriter Munich" both in Google organic and in Google Maps. Jule now receives new customer inquiries every day.


Our company location in Munich

You will find us in the Palais am Obelisk. Centrally located in Munich between Karolinenplatz and Odeonsplatz. Our second office is in Ravensburg on Marienplatz.

Brienner Straße 29, 80333 is centrally located in the old town and Maxvorstadt district of Munich.

It is named after the site of the Battle of Brienne and, along with Ludwigstraße, Maximilianstraße and Prinzregentenstraße, is one of the four most important boulevards in the Bavarian capital. 

Our SEO & Online Marketing office is located in the Palais am Obelisk, which is best reached from the east via Karolinenplatz, which is in the immediate vicinity, and from the west via the well-known Odeonsplatz. 

Munich Central Station is also within easy reach of our office. 


We have put together an exclusive team of SEO experts to optimize your website every day

Our SEO experts tweak the most important parameters every day to boost your site on Google!

Timo Specht

Founder & SEO expert

Christoph Specht

Founder & SEO expert


Content expert 


A successful collaboration with us!

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Step 1:

Click on the button below and fill out the contact form truthfully. Please formulate your request in one sentence so that we know immediately what it is about. You will be redirected to the calendar where you can choose a free slot with our team.

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Step 3:

In a personal 1:1 strategy meeting, we present you with your individual SEO strategy and show you the potential for growth. During the meeting, you will receive a customized offer to help you achieve your goals.


Customer testimonials from successful SEO projects

More than 300+ customers trust our expertise and rate us with 5 out of 5 stars on Google, Trustpilot & Co. We are the best-rated SEO agencyin Germany.

Carlheinz Bartsch

Bartsch Immobilien GmbH

"Timo & his SEO agency in Munich was able to rank us first for one of our focus keywords in the real estate agent sector within 8 weeks - both organically and with Google My Business in the maps. The measures were also supported with relevant Google Ads. We appreciate the professional communication & reliable implementation in the collaboration."

Verified Trustpilot rating

Kelsey Nielsen


"I worked with Timo on an SEO content audit as well as consulting him on a few SEO-related technical and logistical questions. He is a clear subject matter expert, provided a great audit with clear next steps, and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again!"

Verified Trustpilot rating

Michael Wunderlich

Managing Director - Ortho Lehel Practice

"Many thanks Timo to you and your team for the friendly, perfect and extremely professional support
with SEO and SEA from day one, every day. You are always there when I need you. My expectations were exceeded by far! I would absolutely recommend you to everyone!



Verified Trustpilot rating

Christian Mazilu

Shisha World

"Very good professional competence. Pleasant personality with a very good understanding of e-commerce SEO and content. Absolutely Up2Date. We are very satisfied with the collaboration. Absolutely recommendable for companies as well as self-employed people who want to advance their business sustainably."


Verified Google review

Daniel Rakus

SEA Experts GmbH & CoKG

"Top SEO agency - all goals were achieved. After 6 months we have a top ranking for the selected terms and the visibility of the website has also improved in other ways. Cooperation at eye level and professional!"


Verified Google review

Lukas Uhl


"We have been working with Timo and his team for >2 years now. The work we do together is very professional and uncomplicated. Timo's consulting activities are extremely value-adding and easy to understand, even for laypeople. Highly recommended!"

Verified Google review


Questions & answers about my services as an SEO freelancer:

Do you have questions about me as an SEO freelancer and our services? We answer frequently asked questions!

The 21st century is defined by digitalization. Anyone who doesn't have a website these days will be lost in the crowd. Nevertheless, a beautiful website is no longer enough to attract the attention of users.


On-pageand off-page optimization can be actively pursued in order to nudge users towards your website. Companies from ALL sectors and industries rely on a strong virtual presence to inform potential customers about their own services and products.

Restaurants, insurance companies, SMEs and global players are utilizing the expertise of SEO freelancers to secure a top position on the World Wide Web.


You too can no longer avoid search engine optimization any longer. Detailed SEO analyses and sophisticated SEO strategies in combination with SEO measures increase your visibility in Google and drive up your sales.


With the help of our expertise and your irresistible offers, we will move your website to top positions in Google, Bing and other search engines in just a few months.

The SEO cornerstone of our expertise in the form of classic acquisition of Search Engine Optimization basics was laid about 8 years ago.


Since our beginnings, we have gained a wealth of experience through our own projects and with the help of more than 300 clients. Our team, which includes top-class SEO freelancers, helps companies from all sectors of the economy and industries to individualize their measures in order to achieve the overarching goal in the long term.


As a service provider, we adapt to the specific needs of each client. SEO analyses, monthly reports and video updates form the basis of our worry-free collaboration.


As SEO freelancers, we have been able to satisfy our clients on a large scale. Reports on the SEO expertise of our team of experts have also appeared on Welt.de, Sat1 Bayern, Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen, GoDaddy and in the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

As SEO freelancers, we help companies with a wide range of SEO services. These include, among others:

  • In our work as search engine optimizers and freelance SEOs, we have specialized in SMEs and local companies & service providers. This means all companies that have a local connection, with a clear target definition for focus keywords.

    At the same time, we also look after online stores, support agencies and develop concepts for large corporations.


The cost of our work as SEO freelancers simply depends on how much you want to implement or deliver independently. We offer one-off consultations, monthly ongoing complete packages, video courses or workshops. All without a contract period.


The biggest cost factor in the collaboration is how much you are prepared to implement and work on yourself, or how much our freelance team implements for you. An individual offer and prices are available on request.

You've probably wondered how long our top-notch freelance SEO lasts when you hire a professional SEO freelancer like me . As a simple rule of thumb, we can tell you that noticeable upward trends emerge after about 3-6 months.


Depending on how well optimized the competition in your niche is, it will take more or less time to outrank your competitors.


Assuming your website has just been registered, optimization will take significantly longer (at least 12 months) than if you own a domain that has been in the Google index for years. The potential optimization period depends on where your project stands in comparison to the competition.

Since SEO has become so important in recent years, more and more agencies and freelancers are specializing in this lucrative business.


Unfortunately, some black sheep have crept in among the consultants, whose measures contribute neither to visibility nor to the success of their customers. For newcomers to the world of online marketing, it is difficult to tell when you are dealing with a professional SEO agency or a freelancer with experience.

However, you can clearly classify the available SEO freelancers based on a few criteria:


  • SEO experience
  • Specialization
  • Own projects with documented successes
  • Reviews from well-known and professional customers
  • State-of-the-art expertise

The task of an SEO freelancer is to make the client's website or online store more visible in search engines such as Google, Yandex or DuckDuckGo, to ensure as many Google top rankings as possible, to build effective backlinks from the right sources, to optimize the client's web project onpage and to provide assistance with other technical SEO aspects.

If the SEO freelancer has mastered the fine art of search engine optimization, then hiring an SEO freelancer is definitely worth it! However, companies that operate a website or an online store have to separate the wheat from the chaff, which is usually not that easy!

In general, there are both SEO agencies and SEO freelancers who do an excellent job! This is another reason why it is not possible to make a serious blanket statement here. However, it is often the case that SEO freelancers usually go into more depth and often have a sharper eye for the details when it comes to search engine optimization.

Specht GmbH: Your SEO & SEA specialists

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