SEO Glossary: Yandex search engine

In a nutshell: What is the Yandex search engine?

The Yandex search engine is primarily used in Russia, where it plays an important role in the Russian online market. Yandex is not just a pure search engine for obtaining relevant information. It also contains helpful and interesting SEO tools.

What is the Yandex search engine?

Google is and remains the big player on the global search engine market. Nevertheless, there are search engines that have established themselves in some countries and are still widely used.


This includes the Yandex search engine, which many people refer to as a Google clone. The fact is, however, that Yandex started operations a year earlier than Google. And even though Yandex no longer has a majority in the search sector compared to Google, it is an important element for the Russian online market.


Yandex was first launched as a Russian search engine in September 1997 and was presented at the Softool trade fair in Moscow. In 2000, Yandex was finally spun off and stood on its own two feet. From then on, the company developed magnificently and is now worth billions.


Yandex is not just a search engine for Russian users. The company has expanded in various areas in recent years and offers both free and paid services.



These include, for example:


  • Yandex Browser
  • Yandex cloud storage
  • Yandex e-mail
  • Yandex News
  • Yandex translator
  • And many more...


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How does Yandex search engine optimization work?

Yandex also works with its own algorithm, which has many important factors. If website operators want to rank in the Russian search results, they should first and foremost focus on high-quality high-quality texts and linguistic accuracy. Incidentally, Russian users also attach great importance to this (Russian cases and morphology).


Yandex also recognizes manipulation attempts such as multiple repetitions of keywords and penalizes them.


The following is a list of particularly important factors that SEOs should pay attention to with Yandex:



Which search engine tools are integrated into Yandex?

SEOs also receive useful search engine tools from Yandex. If desired, these can also be switched to English in the backend to make them easier to use.


Important Yandex search engine tools are listed below:


  • Yandex Webmaster Tools: Here SEOs will find all the functions for indexing and performance monitoring. The tool is recommended to help with manual indexing, as Yandex is not quite as fast as Google here


  • Yandex Metrica: Here SEOs receive important statistics and carry out analyses of their visitor numbers. All classic functions such as visitor numbers, sources, click maps, etc. are included. Screen recording of individual user actions is also possible.


  • Yandex Direct: Here everything revolves around the topic of search engine advertising takes place here. When a new campaign is created, marketers specify the search terms for which the ads are to be displayed. Other criteria can also be used to precisely define the target group.


  • Yandex Wordstat: To conduct successful SEO, a keyword research is indispensable. This is where Yandex Wordstat comes into play and shows which keywords are worthwhile.


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Conclusion: What is the Yandex search engine?

If SEOs and companies want to attract Russian users and customers, they should focus heavily on Yandex. The search engine's individual SEO tools are very helpful for creating successful marketing plans and operating channels here. First and foremost, quality and the right target group play a decisive role here.

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