SEO Glossary: Google Ads

In a nutshell: What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising system from the US company Google. It gives advertisers the opportunity to place a wide variety of advertisements.

What exactly is Google Ads?

When it comes to search engines, the giant Google is clearly ahead. Over a billion users search for relevant search results every month. search results such as information or products.


In addition to the search engine results, Google operates a large advertising system: Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Companies can use this to place various types of ads in order to increase their reach.



There are basically two options to choose from when placing advertising:


  • Advertising in the Google search network
  • Advertising in the Google Display Network


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What are Google Ads ads?

If an advertiser places an ad, it is displayed above the actual organic search results. There is space for a maximum of four ads here. In addition, the ads in the Google search network are also displayed below the organic results list.


Incidentally, Google Ads ads can be recognized by their "Ad" label. This means it is paid advertising. If we are talking about such paid ads, we are talking about so-called SEA (Search Engine Advertising).


The advantage in contrast to organic search is that Google Ads ads enable short-term reach and findability. This allows advertisers and companies to generate potential buyers (leads) or direct sales (sales).


How does Google Ads work?

When a user visits Google, they have a specific intention: they want to find out about information, products or services. To get the right results, they have to enter a specific search term. This can consist of one or more words.


When an advertiser creates an ad on Google Ads, they decide for themselves which keyword their ad should appear for. To determine this, a new campaign must first be created in the Google Ads account. This defines which KEYWORDS are important for the ad(s).


This point is particularly important in order to reach the right target group and to make certain products, services or information in an industry or niche appealing to them.


It is also possible to define additional criteria and factors for the Google Ads ads.


Included are:


  • Countries and/or regions
  • Language
  • End device (computer or mobile device)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • On which days should the ads appear?
  • At what time should the ads appear?
  • Daily budget - how much should be invested in an ad?


Once the target group has been created, the next step is to design the ad. This requires a title, description and target URL. Once everything is ready, it takes a moment for the ad to be checked. But then you can finally get started.


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Conclusion: What are Google Ads?

If small and medium-sized companies want to gain reach and present themselves in the short term, Google Ads is ideal for this. Even with small budgets, it is possible to direct targeted traffic to your own website and thus generate interested parties and customers.

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