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In a nutshell: What is Facebook advertising?

With the help of Facebook Advertising, it is possible to place advertisements on the Facebook network. Advertisers have the option of creating ads for their own Facebook pages or external websites.


What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising allows private users and companies to create targeted advertisements. These are paid advertisements with special targeting. This means that the ads are aimed at a specific target group (for example, male users aged between 30 and 50).


The aim of Facebook Advertising ads is to obtain certain actions.


These include:



Facebook and Instagram (where the ads are also displayed) now have almost 2-3 billion users. Reason enough to target people here with your own ads. Facebook Advertising offers various options. There are several advertising media and professional advertising tools to choose from to filter and analyze traffic.


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How does Facebook advertising work?

If interested parties want to use Facebook Advertising and place ads on the network, they need a private Facebook profile or business account. A special business account is also possible, but this must first be applied for. With a business account, advertisers receive personal support.


Basically, advertisers only have to complete three steps to place ads on Facebook:


  • Design of an advertisement (form and content)
  • Targeting (definition of a specific target group. Example: gender, age, place of residence and interests).
  • Determination of the daily budget and corresponding bid proposals


Advertisers have the option of booking their advertising with two billing models:


  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPM (Cost per Mille)
  • How high the click price is depends on the CLICK RATE. The better the click rate, the lower the price usually is.


How can online store operators use remarketing?

Without having to go to great technical lengths, online store operators can use well-known providers such as the REMARKETING TOOL FROM GOOGLE-ADWORDS remarketing tool. Bing also offers such a tool.


To do this, a corresponding tag is simply integrated into the source code of all store pages. Cookies then track user behavior so that the ads are displayed accordingly in the network.


In the settings of the Remarketing-tool, it is now possible to make individual fine adjustments. For example, certain interest groups can be selected here to receive a corresponding advertisement.


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What forms of advertising are available for Facebook advertising?

What forms of advertising are available for Facebook Advertising?


There are basically two different ad formats to choose from in Facebook Advertising: Sponsored Posts and Standard Ads.


Both forms of advertising are discussed in detail below:


Sponsored posts


  • Are only suitable for fan pages and are displayed as an extended newsfeed
  • There are seven different advertising formats to choose from
  • Depending on the advertising format, it is possible to carry out certain actions with users. Among other things, fans and likes/clicks play a role. But actions in apps are also included.
  • Advertisers define themselves whether they want to offer a Page Post Story, a Like Story or an App Used Story, for example


Standard Ads


  • They have a similar structure, with advertisers only having to make changes to the design (e.g. use of media material) and content
  • The following elements must be defined: title, target URL, description text and image
  • You have the option of directing traffic to an external domain or to a destination within Facebook. This includes, for example, events, app downloads or making contact via Messenger. Redirects to landing pages are also possible.


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Conclusion on the topic of Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising is now very interesting and offers numerous possibilities. Used and set up correctly, it can become a real goldmine. In terms of statistics, Facebook also offers numerous interesting analysis values such as conversion costs.




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