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In a nutshell: What is a landing page?

A landing page (also known as a landing page) is a special target page designed to persuade interested parties and potential customers to take a specific action. This can be, for example, registration for a newsletter or the purchase of a product.


What is a landing page?

Website operators can define exactly what kind of landing page visitors should be directed to. For example, if interested parties and potential customers click on an organic search result or an advertisement, they are forwarded directly to the landing page.


The aim is to encourage the visitor to take a specific action. Here, for example, further information can be distributed or a lead be generated. But it is also possible to redirect the visitor to another page.


Advantages of landing pages in terms of conversion rates:


  • Leads: It is no longer a secret that with the right landing page strategy GENERATE LEADS can be generated. Experienced marketers rely on various landing pages.


  • Sales: At the same time, there is also the possibility that landing pages will generate sales. For this reason, many companies are already using this type of strategy.


  • Traffic: If a landing page is professionally optimized with SEO, it can also generate organic search engine traffic at the same time. This kills two birds with one stone



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What is a landing page needed for?

Whether for search engine traffic, advertisements or other marketing channels, landing pages are an excellent way of persuading interested parties and potential customers to take a specific action.


Depending on the type of traffic or the keyword via which the visitor reaches a landing page, a need is to be addressed or a problem solved.




  • The landing page shows visitors exactly the information and products they were looking for. Alternatively, such information can also be referred to in an advertisement.


  • A landing page increases interest in a product or information


  • On the landing page, the effort required to find a solution to a problem, information or a product is as low as possible. The less effort required, the greater the chance of winning over the interested party (lead or sale generation).


How are featured snippets created?

Some website operators are keenly interested in how they can create a featured snippet create. After all, they attract curious glances and encourage users to click on the linked page. And that means traffic.


However, there is no exact recipe for telling Google whether content is suitable for featured snippets. The search engine decides independently whether the content is suitable.


There is only a small note in the Search Evaluator Guidelines: Google ranks content in the "Know Simple" subgroup if it is formulated correctly and comprehensively in 1-2 sentences. A short list with bullet points or numbering can also prove to be useful and informative.


What are the goals of a landing page?

The purpose of a landing page is to satisfy the needs of interested parties, solve problems or convey desired information. The aim is to create a kind of impulse to act in order to ultimately persuade the interested party to interact.


Below are some of the reasons why users visit a landing page:


  • You would like to receive information on a specific topic


  • They are interested in a product that they might want to buy


  • Interested parties would like to find out more about a service or register on a community


  • They request offers for special products or services. Alternatively, you can also register for a personal consultation interested.



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Conclusion on the topic of Landngpage

For professional and successful online marketing landing pages are an important component. They ensure that marketers persuade interested parties and potential customers to take a desired action. The bottom line is that this means more traffic, leads and sales.



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