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In a nutshell: What is remarketing?

Remarketing is often also referred to as retargeting and is an important method in ONLINE MARKETING. A special tracking method is used here that follows website visitors as they progress. They are then targeted with advertising for a product that they have previously viewed.


What is remarketing?

It should be common knowledge that online store visitors don't buy anything the first time they visit. Nevertheless, they may be interested in a product or service. And this is exactly where remarketing comes into play.


If store visitors and interested parties have not purchased anything, they are addressed again at a later point in time thanks to remarketing, in which corresponding advertising is displayed. The aim is therefore to draw their attention to the product once again and at the same time encourage them to make a purchase.


These advertisements are displayed on third-party websites. This significantly increases the chance that a visitor will buy something later on.


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How does remarketing work?


The remarketing process is described in more detail below:


  • An online store visitor and prospective customer takes a closer look at a particular product. As a rule, they leave the online store without having bought anything.


  • Later, he surfs the Internet and visits other websites. Targeted advertisements with the product that they have previously viewed in the online store are then displayed. This increases their attention immensely.


  • The user clicks on the ad with curiosity and returns to the product. This increases the probability many times over that they will buy the product after all. A sale is created.


Tip: The same also works with existing customers who have already purchased a product in an online store. Here, for example, it is possible to display similar or complementary products in remarketing.


How can online store operators use remarketing?

Without having to go to great technical lengths, online store operators can use well-known providers such as the REMARKETING TOOL FROM GOOGLE-ADWORDS remarketing tool. Bing also offers such a tool.


To do this, a corresponding tag is simply integrated into the source code of all store pages. Cookies then track user behavior so that the ads are displayed accordingly in the network.


In the settings of the remarketing tool, it is now possible to make individual fine adjustments. For example, certain interest groups can be selected here to receive a corresponding ad.


When does remarketing make sense?

Whether and when remarketing makes sense should be determined in advance. Which target group should be included, what should the remarketing list look like?


Known options are listed below:


  • Include all visitors: This method is particularly suitable for stores with low traffic. It is easy to set up without having to define target groups beforehand.


  • Targeted products or product groups: Create target groups that relate to specific products or areas such as categories. For example, visitors are only shown a specific online store category in the remarketing network.


  • Purchase cycle and behavior: It is not uncommon for visitors to abandon their purchase during the ordering process. There are also corresponding options here. For example, it is possible to target the user and display an advertising message. This returns the user to the order process and possibly completes the purchase.


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Conclusion on the topic of remarketing

Remarketing is an excellent way to approach interested parties and users of an online store again at a later stage. After all, not every prospective customer decides to make a purchase the first time they visit a store. However, this can be achieved with targeted advertisements and messages.


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