SEO Glossary: Click Through Rate

In a nutshell: What is the click-through rate (CTR)?

Advertisers use the click-through rate to measure how efficient advertising campaigns and banners are in detail. The ratio between clicks on an ad and the total impressions displayed is calculated.


What does click-through rate mean?

In online marketing, the click-through rate (CTR for short) is often referred to as the click-through rate. When an advertisement is placed, it achieves a certain number of impressions and clicks that are made on it. It is now possible to calculate the CTR using a simple calculation:


(number of clicks) / (number of advertising impressions)



20 clicks / 1,000 impressions = 2% CTR


But not only in advertisements, but also in the search engine results and therefore SEO, CTR plays an important role. This is because it provides information about how often a website is clicked on when it appears in the search engine results. If the CTR is poor here, the meta title and meta description can be optimized accordingly. This can increase the click rate.


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What click-through rate types are there?

A look at the following CTR types shows the areas in which they are used:


  • CTR for banner advertising: When advertising is placed on the Internet, advertisers use the CTR to find out how click-strong and therefore efficient an individual banner ad is. The best advertisements can be determined accordingly.
  • CTR in affiliate marketing: If affiliates place advertisements on their websites, the CTR helps to determine the click-through rate. This is because the higher the CTR, the more users click on an ad. This can therefore mean more leads and/or sales.
  • CTR in search engine optimization: If website operators want to optimize their site, the CTR also plays an important role. This is how operators find out how appealing and interesting the snippets (title and description) of their page are.
  • CTR in search engine marketing: When advertisers place ads in advertising networks such as Google Ads, it helps to take a look at the CTR. It provides information on how efficient the ads placed are in the end. It does not matter what type of ad is placed.


How are click-through rates recorded?

Depending on the type of click through rate you want to determine, you can use various tools.


For example, with Google Analytics or in the GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE to determine all the CTR data of your website. This allows you to react accordingly and optimize the snippets if necessary. However, CTRs are also determined and displayed by many other common SEO tools.


If you place ads in an advertising network, you can see how high the CTR of individual ads is in the ad overview.


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Conclusion: What is a click-through rate?

Who places advertising or search engine optimization the click-through rate (CTR for short) is important. It indicates the ratio of clicks on an ad to the impressions displayed. After a certain period of time, it is possible to make optimizations in order to improve the CTR accordingly.

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