SEO Glossary: Google Shopping

In a nutshell: What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping offers online store owners an excellent advertising opportunity to promote their own products. This can achieve high click rates and attract new customers.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is part of the GOOGLE ADS advertising network. However, it is not suitable for classic text or image ads.


Instead, online store operators have the option of transmitting standardized data. These are automatically recognized by Google and represent important information for product boxes.


For example, if a search engine user enters a product name such as "car tires XYZ 123", the small product box including product image, price, shipping costs and retailer name is displayed. Store operators have no influence on the design of the product boxes.


As with classic Google Ads advertisements, the CPC (cost per click) method also applies to Google Shopping. Store operators themselves determine how much they want to invest per click for a specific keyword. The highest bid wins, all lower bids are placed further down the list.


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What advantages does Google Shopping offer?

On the one hand, Google Shopping comes directly from Google. There is great potential behind this, as many potential buyers use the search engine to look for suitable products.


On the other hand, the Google Shopping Tag has established itself with many interested parties. If they are looking for a product, they click directly after the SERPs directly in the "Shopping" tab to pick out the best results.


Google Shopping also acts as a kind of marketplace in its own right. Store operators benefit from this, as Google's good reputation is well known. If interested parties enter something here, they almost always receive high-quality and relevant information or products. This results in high click and conversion rates.


Especially in today's highly competitive market, Google Shopping is indispensable for many. However, this only applies to "mainstream products". Niche products, on the other hand, have a slightly harder time. Here there is a risk that such products are often not displayed.


How does Google Shopping work?


  • When setting up and optimizing an online store, operators should pay attention to all important information such as product name, price, shipping costs and so on. This is the only way to ensure that every single product is accurately taken over by Google and displayed accordingly in the search results.


  • If products are to be displayed on Google Shopping, appropriate configurations must be made when creating the advertisement


  • Advertisers only pay when a prospective customer has clicked on a product and is redirected to the online store


  • The price varies depending on the competition. However, it starts at around 10 percent.


  • In order to achieve high click and conversion rates, a detailed and sales-promoting description is recommended. This is the only way to ensure that interested parties make a purchase decision.


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Conclusion: What is Google Shopping?

Online stores with strong competition in particular benefit from Google Shopping and have the opportunity to assert themselves in this highly competitive area. A test is definitely recommended to familiarize yourself with the topic. Importing products and customizing advertisements can be done successfully in just a few steps.

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