SEO Glossary: Intranet

In a nutshell: What is an intranet?

The intranet is a network that is not accessible to the public. It is used by public authorities and companies, for example, to process data and information more quickly. However, an intranet is also suitable for internal communication.

What is an intranet?

In contrast to the Internet, an intranet is not accessible to the public. Unauthorized persons therefore have no access to the closed system. Classic uses are for companies and public authorities to network employees and individual departments with each other. Important information and data is exchanged here, as well as internal messages.


While individual intranet systems can be accessed via stand-alone programs, others can also be opened via a browser over the Internet. Login data is entered here to gain access to the intranet. Encrypted data transmission is used to protect the data from unauthorized persons.


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What are the advantages of an intranet?

The key advantages of intranet systems are listed below:


  • Thanks to an intranet, companies are able to optimize their workflows. Individual work processes can be managed and improved together. This ensures that everything runs smoothly.


  • An intranet can be customized on request. It is therefore tailored to a company's individual communication and work processes. These are consequently accelerated.


  • An intranet makes it possible to create and manage large amounts of data. If you are looking for specific data, you can find it much faster this way.


  • In terms of data protection, an intranet may be much more secure. This is because the entire intranet network is not located on web servers and clouds, but on in-house servers.


  • Individual intranet systems can be expanded with numerous functions and plug-ins. These are available quickly and easily with just a few clicks. For example, employees are given a kind of social media platform with a messenger in which they can communicate with each other.



Where is an intranet used and what distinguishes it?

Nowadays, not only large companies but also smaller ones rely on intranet systems. They are used for internal communication and to transfer important and confidential information and data.


Probably the biggest advantage is that the intranet works offline for the most part, i.e. it is not connected to the Internet. This is extremely important to many companies when it comes to data protection. However, there are also intranet systems that can also be used over the Internet via login.


In addition, an intranet is used to maintain databases with customer data, for example, or to track important delivery processes. The intranet is therefore a kind of data pool that can be accessed from any company computer.


If a change is made to a computer, it is saved on the company's own internal server. Immediately afterwards, the update can be called up on any other computer. This synchronization saves a lot of work and time.


From time to time, the intranet must be maintained and, if necessary, supplied with updates. It also makes sense to create backups at regular intervals. This prevents data loss.


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Conclusion: What is the intranet?

Small and large companies as well as public authorities now use intranet systems. Employees use them to communicate with each other and exchange important information and data such as customer files. This saves time and work, and the changed data records are synchronized immediately and can then be accessed anywhere.

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