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In a nutshell: What is a dofollow link?

If a link is created on a website to another page, Google evaluates it as positive. It is an important trust signal that is passed on from the linking website to the linked website.

What is a dofollow link?

Whether to websites, documents or other file types. Links are now the be-all and end-all and an important part of the Internet. Webmasters can opt for dofollow or nofollow when linking. nofollow when linking. The dofollow link discussed in this article is a kind of trust signal between two pages and helps to set positive signals.


If a link is inserted on a website, it always has the dofollow attribute. This gives the bot the signal that it may continue to browse the linked page. In addition, the dofollow link means that the signal offers added value for the linked website. This allows the linked page to rise in the rankings.


If webmasters want to set a dofollow link, no further attributes or notes are necessary. Only if a link is to be classified as nofollow is the corresponding attribute required.


Dofollow links were mainly created to combat spam links. In the past, these were increasingly used, for example, to use comment functions to increase link popularity.


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What is the difference between a Dofolllow and a Nofollow link?

If a dofollow link is set, a search engine is given permission to follow a link. At the same time, the linkjuice is passed on to the linked website so that the ranking there can develop positively.


With a nofollow link, on the other hand, only website visitors can see the content of the linked page. Search engine bots, on the other hand, are blocked from seeing the linked page. If they see a link with a nofollow attribute, they will not look any further on the target page.



What are the advantages of dofollow links?

The decisive advantages of dofollow links are listed below:


  • One or more dofollow links help to increase the link popularity of a website. In the long term, this means greater added value. It does not matter on which type of website dofollow links are placed.


  • If several webmasters place dofollow links to each other, they can create a natural link image. This is the case, for example, if they create comments with links to their blog. At the same time, the chance of receiving a valuable link from another webmaster also increases if they link with a dofollow link.




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Conclusion on the topic of dofollow links

If website owners want to send positive signals to search engines, they set a dofollow link. This does not even require a corresponding attribute. The BOT then follows the linked page and positively enhances its content. Dofollow links were primarily developed to counteract spam measures such as the mass placement of spam links.



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