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In a nutshell: What is ProvenExpert?

ProvenExpert is a rating platform on which customers can rate retailers, service providers and other companies.


Companies can enhance their reputation through positive reviews on ProvenExpert and thus not only retain existing customers better, but also win new customers more easily.


How does ProvenExpert work?


ProvenExpert is a comprehensive review platform that helps companies to efficiently collect, manage and present customer reviews.


To be able to use these functions, you must first register your company on the ProvenExpert website*.


The rating system is based on stars, with a 5-star rating being the best rating.


Use ProvenExpert as a company


Once you have registered your company with ProvenExpert, you can use the functions of the online platform.


This includes, above all, the creation of individual evaluation forms that are specifically tailored to your products or services.


To receive reviews from your customers, you can use the review forms you have created in a variety of ways. For example, the following is possible:


  • Send evaluation forms directly to customers by e-mail
  • Invite customers to submit their reviews via social media
  • Use survey cards with QR code in offline business
  • Have customers fill out forms directly on the ProvenExpert website


As soon as your company receives a review, you have the opportunity to respond to it with your ProvenExpert profile.


In addition to the reviews on the website, the online platform also offers the option of bundling reviews from other portals such as Google or Facebook on ProvenExpert.


An overall score is determined from the total of all ratings, which is reflected in the ProvenExpert rating seal.


The rating seal is displayed on your company's profile and updated in real time. You can also include it on your online presence or other platforms.


You can see how you can use ProvenExpert reviews for your online reputation management in the following video:


Submit reviews as a customer on ProvenExpert


Customers and consumers can share their experiences with companies on ProvenExpert and submit their ratings.


On the one hand, they can search for companies directly on the ProvenExpert website and submit their experience report.


In most cases, however, customers and consumers are invited by the company to submit their rating.


Advantages and disadvantages of ProvenExpert


To successfully reach your target group with your products or services, you must first gain their trust.


The ProvenExpert rating platform offers a good opportunity to build up a corresponding reputation online.


Advantages of ProvenExpert


The main advantages of ProvenExpert include the following:


  • Your own reputation can be enhanced through positive customer reviews.
  • By integrating reviews from different sources, these can be bundled in the ProvenExpert rating seal.
  • There are extensive analysis tools that companies can use to quickly identify trends in customer satisfaction.
  • Companies can respond to both positive and negative reviews in a targeted manner.
  • Continuous customer feedback through real customer opinions helps to constantly improve your own offering.
  • Fake reviews can be prevented thanks to the verification function.
  • An enhanced online reputation thanks to positive reviews can help to increase the company's sales.


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Disadvantages of ProvenExpert

Although ProvenExpert offers many advantages, there are also some disadvantages that you should be aware of. These include the following:

  • The free version only offers a limited range of functions. For additional functions, you will need to purchase one of the paid subscription models.
  • Managing and maintaining the rating profiles requires continuous effort, which can be time-consuming for small teams.
  • The verification function, which is actually intended to increase credibility, can be perceived by customers as a hindrance, resulting in fewer reviews being submitted.


Overall, however, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for both companies and customers.


The costs of ProvenExpert

The basic functions of the review platform can be used with the free version. However, if you want to use the full ProvenExpert service, you will have to pay a monthly fee.


With various subscription models, the platform offers a solution for different requirements. These are available:


  1. Basic version from 29.99 euros per month
  2. Plus version from 49.99 euros per month
  3. Premium version from 99.99 euros per month


Conclusion: What is ProvenExpert?

The ProvenExpert online platform is a powerful tool for online marketing. online marketing of companies. It not only facilitates the collection and management of customer reviews, but also increases transparency and credibility.


By using the platform, companies can effectively manage their online reputation and thus strengthen the trust and satisfaction of their customers in the long term.


The platform also offers customers and consumers a good opportunity to find out about other customers' experiences with a company before making a purchase.


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