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Reputation is the standing that a person or institution enjoys as a result of outstanding achievements. It is the decisive factor in whether information is disseminated in a positive or negative sense. Basically, reputation is a form of propaganda that determines intrinsic value and can no longer be reversed at a certain point. In the 21st century, reputation development has largely shifted to the Internet, especially for companies and organizations. The unfortunate aspect of this is that a negative opinion spreads much faster than before. On the other hand, the Internet opens up ways to manage reputation in a controlled manner and thus bring about a positive development. The activity of ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT has emerged in order to carry out precisely this advantageous development of a reputation in a controlled and targeted manner. The enormous importance of this activity increases with every day that trade and entrepreneurship moves to the World Wide Web.

Facts - What is Online Reputation Management - ORM

A market research study by the US company ''Searchengineland'' found that 72% of respondents place at least as much value on online reviews as on personal recommendations.


The survey also demonstrates that 52% of respondents are influenced by online reviews, even for local businesses.


The same survey was conducted again two years later. The result proves that the trend is increasing exponentially and that online reviews are becoming increasingly important. This shows that online customer reviews, whether on Google, Facebook, AMAZON Trip Adviser or other review media, have an immense impact on consumer purchasing behavior.


If a negative recession appears in the top comments of Google "My Business" or "Socials", for example, this can become a serious problem for brands and companies. This is why online reputation management is of invaluable importance for entrepreneurs in the advancing Internet age.


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Function & objectives of the measures

Through various measures that also offer added value from a marketing perspective, online reputation management aims to improve a company's reputation and increase its level of awareness. The aim is to gain unrestricted control over one's own reputation on the Internet.


The extremely lucrative aspect of this is that it goes hand in hand with an improved conversion rate. Even for local companies, this process increases sales.


Solve problems yourself or hire an expert?

Success and a good reputation are closely linked. Whether you are a private individual, a company or an organization, in the information age your online reputation should not be ignored if you want to be successful.


A single critical comment, regardless of the platform, can cause the house of cards of an entire success concept to collapse. Inappropriate content and criticism, depending on their weighting, have the potential for fatal consequences for a company's reputation, success and sales figures.


The solution to this problem is to hire a professional company specializing in online reputation management. Even if an entrepreneur acquires the know-how on this topic themselves, it is difficult to invest the massive amount of time required for this.





The field of online reputation management falls into the category of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and should always be carried out and monitored by an expert in order to create sustainable added value.


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Here we distinguish between 2 different starting positions:


  1. Companies already established in the network
  2. Companies that already enjoy a certain level of recognition on the web and want to maintain their positive reputation in the long term.
  3. Companies that have a certain level of awareness on the Internet, but suffer from certain damage to their image.
  4. Companies with a lack of web presence


In this case, online reputation management is used in parallel to raising awareness. The aim is to achieve a positive


Online reputation management strategy

The situation analysis serves as the BASIS for the online reputation strategy. Necessary steps and objectives are documented in detail and executed exactly according to plan.


Examples of measures for an online reputation strategy





  • Using website optimization of your own websites and social media promotion to put positive impressions in the foreground.
  • Increase the positive brand presence through search engine marketing and thus overshadow the unfavorable.
  • So-called ''online mug shots'', e.g. remove damaging Google reviews.
  • PR campaigns: Through "social media marketing", press releases or submitting articles to reputable review portals, a positive reputation is built up in a targeted manner.
  • BACKLINKBUILDING: Link building using high-quality backlinks relevant to search engines ensures both search engine placement and a positive reputation base.
  • General improvement and search engine optimization of the brand or company website.
  • Conveying a strong image of the company through regulated content management.

Ongoing online reputation management

Professional online reputation management is extremely effective and helps to eliminate fatal problems. However, in the fast-moving world wide web, a reputation can change in a very short space of time.


This is why online reputation management is an ongoing process that should be an integral part of every company.


Monitoring is therefore necessary to maintain a positive reputation in the long term. Especially as it is a form of marketing, which proves to be doubly lucrative for the entrepreneur.


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Conclusion on the relevance of online reputation management
The concept of online reputation management has spilled over to Europe thanks to successful US companies. European companies are now realizing that they cannot do without this measure if they want to build on a long-term success concept.


This is about far more than just checking your own reputation on the Internet or in the local sector. The entire marketing of your own brand and the consumer's view of it is put in a positive light from the ground up. This is why online reputation management carried out by an SEO EXPERT is a lucrative, indispensable marketing method with guaranteed added value.

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