SEO Glossary: Keyword Density - Everything you need to know!

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In a nutshell: What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is a key figure used in search engine optimization (SEO). search engine optimization (SEO). It indicates how large the ratio of a particular search term is to the total number of words on a page. In addition, the keyword density is classically given as a percentage.

What is the Keyword Density?

The keywords density (also called keyword density) is a mathematical quotient. It tells you how often a search term is found within a text.

Often there are on a website SEO textsthat are to be optimized for a specific search term. The goal here is to show Google and other search engines what the text is specifically about. Consequently, the page with the targeted keyword should rank higher in the SERPs.

Here, the keyword density can help to get an overview of the number of search terms within a text. However, the density should not be too high. But more about that in a moment...

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How is the Keyword Density calculated?

To calculate the Keyword Density, a simple calculation is required.


Here is an example:


A text with 1,000 words is used on a website about "4K TV". The term "4K TV" is also the keyword with which the page is to be optimized. The keyword appears a total of 25 times in the text.




(number of keywords in the text) x 100 / total number of words = keyword density in percent

25 x 100 / 1.000 = 2,5 %

As mentioned above, keyword density is the ratio of a keyword to the total number of words in a text or on a website.

However, there is the following to consider: On the one hand, search engines analyze the text of a website. At the same time, they also analyze the source text, which is not visible to a normal website visitor. This means that various attributes such as title tags and ALT TAGS must also be taken into account here.

Thus, the keyword density can refer to the visible text of a website as well as to the complete source code. Consequently, no exact consensus can be found here.

What is the size of the ideal keyword phrase?

The keyword density is only one of many factors to signal to search engines what kind of topic a page is about. In terms of keyword density, there is also no exact value that is ideal. However, many SEOs agree that a value between 3 to 5 percent is in an acceptable range.

But be careful: SEOs should never go too far and keep the keyword density within a natural range. If the number of keywords in a text is too much of a good thing, the page can also be marked as spam. And that has a negative ranking as a consequence.

To find out how big the keyword density is, the above formula helps. Alternatively, there are a lot of tools on the web that calculate the keyword density.

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Conclusion on the topic of keyword density

The keyword density indicates how large the ratio of a search term is to the total word count of a text or website in percent. It serves as a rough guide and should by no means be too low, but also not too high (spam). The aim is to create a natural weighting that search engines such as Google can recognize and follow.


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