SEO Glossary: Backlinks - Everything you need to know!

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In a nutshell: What are backlinks?

In order to achieve a good search engine optimization backlinks are indispensable. They are links from one domain to another and represent an important ranking factor for search engines.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links, i.e. references from one domain to another. The links are clickable so that users can get to the linked domain and browse around.

Technically, a backlink in HTML code consists of target address, link text and a target function.


<a href=““ target=“_blank“>Blogbeitrag</a>

In this case, the backlink links to the subpage "" and has the link text "blog post". The target function "target="_blank"" specifies that the target page should open in a new window after clicking the link.

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Why are backlinks important?

Below are 3 important points to address why backlinks are so important:


  • Ranking boost: For search engines like Google, backlinks are a recommendation. So basically it is the case that a website with many backlinks can rank better for certain relevant search queries. In other words, it is displayed higher up in the results.
  • Findability: At regular intervals, search engine bots visit websites to browse them for new content and links. If a backlink is set on a large and well-known page, content on the target page can be found and indexed more quickly.
  • Visitor flows: But positive ranking and faster discoverability are not the only two advantages. Since backlinks are clickable, readers can visit the target page if they are more interested. Consequently, this ensures higher visitor flows, also known as referrer traffic.


What makes a good backlink?

Meanwhile, search engines look closely at backlinks and perform an evaluation.

Below are important criteria that make a good backlink:

  • Relevance: Backlinks with relevance are more valuable than those that do not fit the topic. If a hairdresser receives two backlinks from two domains (one about plumbers and the other from a hairdresser blog), the hairdresser blog is consequently rated much better. The relevance does not only apply to subpages, but on the complete domain level.
  • Authority: Backlinks from a large, strong site can pass on more authority than weak ones. The outbound links of the linking page also play an important role here. The fewer outbound links it has, the more authority it passes on again.
  • Placement: Placement, i.e. where a backlink is placed, also plays an important role. If a link is placed higher up on a page and not simply somewhere in the footer, this can have a positive effect. After all, links are references that no one would click on in the footer.


Basically, the following applies when searching for backlinks: Less is more and quality is more important than quantity. For this reason, it makes sense not just to search for any backlinks, but to check the pages thoroughly beforehand. For this purpose professional tools like a BACKLINK CHECKER are available.

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Conclusion on the subject of backlinks

If you want to achieve good results in search engine optimization in the long term, backlinks are an important topic. They should be thematically relevant and of high quality. Quantity, on the other hand, is rather less conducive to success.

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