SEO Glossary: Image SEO

In a nutshell: What is Image SEO?

Image SEO (mainly known as Image SEO) is a part of OnPage optimization. These are special optimization measures that relate purely to images. The goal of Image SEO is to achieve better rankings in Google Image Search. This results in more reach and visitors.

What is Image SEO?

If webmasters want to do SEO, the OnPage search engine optimization is an important factor. It describes all measures that take place directly on the website. Image SEO is also a part of OnPage, which should not be neglected at all.


Unfortunately, this point is left out by many SEOs. Image SEO offers many great results when executed correctly. For example, good rankings can be achieved in Google Image Search, which results in a higher range and thus more visitors.


Google also recognizes it as positive when images are described in a relevant way and thus give users added value. This has a positive effect on the entire OnPage SEO.


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Why is image SEO so important?

Images belong on a website! Because without them it is difficult or even impossible to imagine. Because it's not for nothing that the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words". If users are looking for a factual text, the image is a way of enriching it or even passing on important information in the form of diagrams. But online stores also benefit from images when they present pictures of their products.


With the help of image SEO, webmasters try to optimize their image files so that they appear higher up in Google Image Search. But image SEO also plays an important role in terms of relevance.


Example: A subpage is optimized for the topic "Travel to the USA". To positively influence the user experience, appropriately beautiful images of the USA are inserted. Include filename of the image, title and the ALT-ATTRIBUT contain appropriate keywords that fit the topic USA travel, this is an important signal to search engines. Because this shows relevance.


What is important to keep in mind when it comes to image SEO?

Below are important factors and aspects for Image SEO:


  • File format: Image file formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF are recommended
  • File size: An image URL or file should be quickly recognized and crawled by a Googlebot. It is therefore important to keep the image size moderate and never too large. A rough guide is 150 kB.
  • File name: It is very important and indicates what can be seen in the image. The image name also reflects the relevance of a page, which is very useful for the search engine.
  • Content environment: If the inserted image deals with a specific topic, the content around it should also match it. So if the image shows a car tire, the text should also match it.
  • ALT attribute: If an image cannot be loaded for a technical reason, the content of the image is still displayed. In the best case, the ALT attribute contains the keyword of the page.
  • Image title: The title should also describe the image topic and also contains the keyword.


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Conclusion: What is image SEO?

In order to show relevance to search engines and provide website visitors a positive user experience image SEO is indispensable. Image SEO is now an important part of OnPage optimization and should not be neglected under any circumstances. With the right Image SEO there is the possibility to rank higher in Google Image Search to achieve more reach.

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