SEO Glossary: Link Building

In a nutshell: What is link building?

Link building describes all measures to procure inbound, external links for a website. However, it also refers to internal linking. Link building basically belongs to the OffPage optimization and is an important component to operate successful SEO in the long term.


What is Link Building?

Link building (also known as link building) is a process in which external websites link to one's own site. But internal links from, for example, the home page to a subpage are also part of link building.


The goal is to obtain good rankings in search engine results with the help of link building. Strictly speaking, link building belongs to the off-page measures. In other words, all optimization processes that take place outside a website.



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Link building is a relatively difficult and time-consuming process in which some points must be taken into account. Here it is necessary to prefer quality over quantity, because search engines have got quite a fine nose when it comes to backlinks.


Webmasters and SEOs cannot get around link building in order to be successful in the long run in the search engine optimization and the associated online marketing to be successful in the long term.


Why is link building so important?

From the point of view of Google and Co. it is very important that a website has inbound links from other websites.


Among other things, the number of links, but also their quality play an important role here. Accordingly, a kind of evaluation is carried out, which, together with other ranking factors and OnPage optimization, decides whether a website is placed higher or lower.


The following applies: If a domain has many high-quality inbound links, this is evaluated positively by search engines. A website with few and/or low-quality links, on the other hand, is rated worse.


For this reason, it is important and indispensable to carry out link building in the long term and to perform precise analyses. This is the only way to ensure a clean and good link building.


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What does a good link building/link profile look like?

What is actually important to do good link building? Below are tips and tricks that make up a positive link profile:


  • A natural link profile is characterized by the fact that it grows continuously and the organic backlinks vary. The following applies: quality before quantity.
  • Webmasters and SEOs should take care of getting new backlinks continuously in natural time intervals
  • It is not advisable to attempt manipulation or to build up a link profile too quickly. This is because such measures can lead to a penalty from the search engines.
  • Not only the quality and number of links are an important factor. Good link building also includes a natural distribution of anchor texts (link texts).
  • In addition, it is important to, DoFollow- and NoFollow link distributed naturally and balanced


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Conclusion: What is link building?

To be successful in the long term and to rank in search engines like Google, link building is essential. SEOs should make sure that quality takes precedence over quantity. Only if the link profile is designed naturally, it will be evaluated positively by search engines. Consequently, this results in better rankings.

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