The importance of the domain name for success in SEO

Back in 2008, the threshold of one trillion indexed URLs in the Google index was exceeded. Most people have probably stopped counting since then, but Google's industrious crawlers keep going and will also discover your new project at some point.

However, site operators have been complaining for some time that their new websites no longer land in Google's index as quickly as they used to. Even newly created subpages of existing projects now take noticeably longer. Have you already noticed this? Then you should definitely read on now!

Because: The faster your page lands in the Google index, the sooner your SEO measures begin to have an effect. Over the last few months, I've been working intensively on how you can get your site indexed on Google as quickly as possible, even in the year 2022. The instructions and exciting insights that I was able to collect are prepared for you in this article.