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Search engine optimization (SEO) for dentists includes all measures that contribute to increasing visibility on the Internet. Whether it's the website of a dental clinic or a dental practice: SEO improves the website's rankings on search engines such as Google.


As a dentist, you benefit from search engine optimization in many ways. Firstly, the improved ranking of your website leads to greater awareness of your clinic or practice. Secondly, more patients will visit your website, generating more customers and higher sales.


The experts at Specht GmbH are tried and tested in SEO for dentists. We have already helped several dentists in Munich and beyond to achieve top rankings. Get in touch with us too!

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Versatile search engine optimization for maximum success

Good search engine optimization for dentists must include several SEO measures. These are bundled into a functioning overall package as part of an individually developed SEO strategy, in which one cog meshes with the other. Running SEO without a multifactorial approach leads to a waste of money.


Timo Specht's experts have managed more than 500 projects in over 10 years. We have helped customers from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence. When it comes to SEO for dentists, we rely on our successful concepts, which we bundle into an individual service package for your needs:


  • Google business profile for an immediate increase in visibility: For locally based businesses, such as a dental practice or dental clinic, creating a business profile on Google is a must-have. You will immediately gain more visibility for local search queries.

  • Identification of relevant keywords: Through analyses with powerful SEO tools, we determine the keywords relevant to you (e.g. periodontist, denture clinic) and optimize your website accordingly. This way, more patients will find their way to you.

  • Local search engine optimization with fast results: Local SEO is an efficient way to optimize your website, as marketing is local. By choosing the right keywords and our network for high-quality link building, among other things, you will achieve fast results.

  • Advertising, content creation and other measures: There is a wealth of measures that are important in SEO for dentists. We place advertisements on Google Ads, create and optimize new website content and carry out technical SEO measures on the website.


In the following sections, we will inform you about some of our SEO measures in more detail. You will also find a lot of information on our website about our services and the field of search engine optimization in general.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with us or contact us for a customized and professional SEO consultation!

Google company profile: Yellow pages for dentists

The Yellow Pages, in which companies used to make their entries in order to be easier for customers to find in the physical world, are hardly relevant anymore. In the digital world, the Google Company Profile (formerly Google My Business) is the new Yellow Pages.


A dentist who creates a profile on Google Business Profile immediately becomes more visible on the Internet. In our SEO for Google My Business, we create the profile by entering the name of the dental practice or dentist as well as the address, telephone number, opening hours, website address and other information.


Patients benefit from a Google Business Profile listing because they can find a dentist in their area more quickly. They can easily navigate to this dentist via Google Maps. This is user-friendly and makes it easier for you to attract patients to your practice.

Analyze and cover keywords: The nuts and bolts of SEO for dentists

In some cases, dentists' websites are optimized for the wrong keywords so that, for example, a dental practice is displayed under the keyword "dental clinic". This may attract visitors to the website, but they are unlikely to become patients because they are actually looking for a dental clinic and have been lured by the dental practice with the wrong keyword.


The analysis of keywords is of central importance in order to identify which keywords your website should be optimized for. Whether it is the keyword "dental practice" or "dental clinic" is still the simplest of all questions. It is much more complex to optimize a website for local keywords and determine the right catchment area for new patients.


Keywords are also helpful with regard to the specialization of a dental practice in a specific field of dentistry. For example, if a dentist wants to achieve a high ranking under the main keyword "periodontist", additional keywords should be used to promote the main keyword. A suitable secondary keyword could be "periodontist for dental implants".

Local SEO: Indispensable for the success of dentists

Most patients are looking for a dental practice or dental clinic with a local connection. This is completely understandable. After all, patients want a dentist near them and don't want to travel long distances - especially if their health concerns are urgent.


Through a combination of various measures to improve online visibility, we make a significant contribution to the web success of dentists with our local SEO services. These measures include, for example, optimizing for keywords that are relevant in local searches.


Keyword optimization offers fascinating possibilities, as several subpages can be created for different districts, for example, in order to strengthen a main keyword such as "dentist Munich".


You generate great benefits from our experience and contacts in terms of link building. Whether for locally relevant websites or in business directories: We also consider the extremely important link building in our SEO strategy for dentists.


Backlinks with quality instead of backlinks with quantity: Thanks to us, you will receive links from other websites that are rated by Google and other search engines as convincing recommendations and promote your website.

Turn your dentist website into a flagship with Specht GmbH!

Your dentist website is nothing more than a digital business card. Make sure that this business card adequately represents your work as a dentist and your dental clinic or dental practice! We will be happy to help you along the way.


With our extensive experience, comprehensive and highly up-to-date specialist knowledge and enthusiasm for new projects, we at Specht GmbH have the ideal prerequisites to carry out SEO for dentists at the highest level.


In addition to the search engine optimization measures for dentists presented in detail, we offer you a comprehensive overall package through search engine advertising, technical SEO (e.g. increasing page loading speed, mobile optimization) and the creation of content for your website.


Benefit from our comprehensive services, which we put together into a customized offer for your needs after an individual and non-binding consultation. You are guaranteed to gain more visibility, attract new patients, increase your profile and open up even more career opportunities.

Top rated SEO agency in Germany

Over 500+ clients trust our SEO expertise for Munich and the whole of Bavaria!

Many well-known customers from Munich and the whole of Bavaria already trust us. Whether local companies such as doctors and real estate agents or online stores. As a highly specialized team of SEO freelancers, we can deliver exceptional results in all highly competitive SEO niches. deliver exceptional results.


Short video testimonials from our customers!

Interested in what our customers have to say? Listen to some excerpts from our customer testimonials now! 

Jule Bunze

Jule Bunze | Copywriter & Texter Munich

Uta Pittino

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy in Munich


Coworking space in Munich

Korbinian Gerstl


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Strong customer results

Case studies of successful customers

The best references are the voices of others! In the overview you will find video testimonials from happy customers. We have prepared more detailed case studies for you here. 

"SEO is the most successful marketing measure that we have implemented in recent years from the hodgepodge of measures. Thanks to Team Specht GmbH for their consistency and support over several years"

A lot of organic rankings but money keywords not in the top 3.

In addition to highly authoritative backlinks the site was cleaned up onpage from keyword cannibalization to onsite basics. 

After 2 years, there are countless money keywords in the top 3 that ensure strong sales growth.

No rankings in the highly competitive Google 3-Pack. Thus, important local search queries were left out and left to the competition.

In addition to setting up hundreds of business directory profiles, we also took care of positive reputation management of Mana.

Indispensable local 3-pack ranking for its money keywords, even one-pack ranking due to high authority. Massive customer growth!

"I now have a firm foundation that lets me sleep soundly because I have gained many new customers. I can recommend Specht GmbH with a clear conscience to any company that seriously wants to grow through SEO & SEA. "

"Absolute recommendation for this local SEO agency in Munich! When I started my own business, I attended a local SEO course for freelancers with Timo Specht and his team and used the tool SEO successfully booked. Coupled with the great work of Timo and his team, my website was ranked on page 1 of the Google search with my relevant keyword within a few weeks. In the meantime, I have also been ranked number 1 in Google Search and Google Maps for several months, which has enabled me to generate many inquiries and new customers. I can only recommend anyone who wants to start their own business to have local SEO on their radar from the outset and to work with Timo Specht as an agency."

The newly launched website was beautiful at the start, but not visible, just like Jule's Google Business profile.

In order to quickly generate relevant new customer inquiries, we focused purely on the money keywords = all keywords with the intention to buy "copywriter Munich". 

After 6 months of optimization, we achieved pole position with Jule as the number 1 "copywriter Munich" both in Google organic and in Google Maps. Jule now receives new customer inquiries every day.


Our company location in Munich

You will find us in the Palais am Obelisk. Centrally located in Munich between Karolinenplatz and Odeonsplatz. Our second office is in Ravensburg on Marienplatz.

Brienner Straße 29, 80333 is centrally located in the old town and Maxvorstadt district of Munich.

It is named after the site of the Battle of Brienne and, along with Ludwigstrasse, Maximilianstrasse and Prinzregentenstrasse, is one of the four most important boulevards in the Bavarian capital. 

Our SEO & Online Marketing office is located in the Palais am Obelisk, which is best reached from the east via Karolinenplatz, which is in the immediate vicinity, and from the west via the well-known Odeonsplatz. 

Munich's main train station can also be reached quickly from our office. 


We have put together an exclusive team of SEO experts to optimize your website every day

Our SEO experts tweak the most important parameters every day to boost your site on Google!

Timo Woodpecker

Founder & SEO Expert

Christoph Woodpecker

Founder & SEO Expert


Content Expert 


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Customer testimonials from successful SEO projects

More than 300+ customers trust our expertise and rate us with 5 out of 5 stars on Google, Trustpilot & Co. We are the best-rated SEO agencyin Germany.

Carlheinz Bartsch

Bartsch Real Estate Ltd.

"Timo & his SEO agency in Munich was able to rank us first for one of our focus keywords in the real estate agent sector within 8 weeks - both organically and with Google My Business in the maps. The measures were also supported with relevant Google Ads. We appreciate the professional communication & reliable implementation in the collaboration."

Verified Trustpilot rating

Kelsey Nielsen


"I worked with Timo on an SEO content audit as well as consulting him on a few SEO-related technical and logistical questions. He is a clear subject matter expert, provided a great audit with clear next steps, and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again!"

Verified Trustpilot rating

Michael Wunderlich

Managing Director - Practice Ortho Lehel

"Many thanks Timo to you and your team for the friendly, perfect and extremely professional support
with SEO and SEA from day one, every day. You are always there when I need you. My expectations were exceeded by far! I would absolutely recommend you to everyone!



Verified Trustpilot rating

Christian Mazilu

Shisha World

"Very good expertise. Pleasant personality with very good understanding of e-commerce SEO and content. Absolutely Up2Date. Are very satisfied in the collaboration. Absolutely recommend for companies as well as self-employed who want to sustainably advance your business."


Verified Google Rating

Daniel Rakus

SEA Experts GmbH & CoKG

"Top SEO agency - all goals were achieved. After 6 months we have a top ranking for the selected terms and the visibility of the website has also improved in other ways. Cooperation at eye level and professional!"


Verified Google Rating

Luke Uhl


"We have been working with Timo and his team for >2 years now. The work we do together is very professional and uncomplicated. Timo's consulting activities are extremely value-adding and easy to understand, even for laypeople. Highly recommended!"

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