SEO glossary: Keyword analysis

In a nutshell: What is a keyword analysis?

In order to be successful in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) en order to be successful, a keyword analysis is indispensable. In this way, it is possible to find suitable search terms for one's own project. In addition, website operators find out which keywords a target group is really looking for.


What is a keyword analysis?

Anyone who carries out a professional and detailed keywords analysis lays an important and decisive foundation stone. It is indispensable in the planning phase in order to be successful later on.


The aim of a keyword analysis is to pick out suitable and important search terms and search phrases. If a list of suitable keywords has been found, it is ensured that a website with many potential search terms will appear in the organic search results (SERPs) can rank.


In addition, SEOs use a keyword analysis to find out which search terms a specific target group is really looking for. Accordingly, the content is optimized for the corresponding keywords in order to rank with Google and Co. later on.


It is strongly discouraged to simply set any keywords yourself. This is because you run the risk of selecting unsuitable keywords. These bring little traffic in the later course and furthermore do not fit the target group.


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What are the advantages of a keyword analysis?

Below are important and crucial benefits of keyword research:


  • Thanks to the appropriate keywords, a website receives high quality searches from search engines like Google
  • The search volume of a website can be increased significantly
  • Better online marketing results in the long term
  • A keyword analysis also serves as an excellent basisto create successful AdWords campaigns
  • A website is professionally optimized from the ground up, which is very important
  • SEOs find out how much potential is behind certain keywords
  • It is possible to identify current trends. You can act accordingly (for example, by creating new subpages or blog posts).


How to find the important search terms for your own project?

To find the right keywords for a website, the first step is to define and research the appropriate topic. What is the project about? What kind of content should be offered here?


Only with the help of the right topic and the search volume is it ensured that the right search terms (keywords) are chosen. It is important to perform the keyword analysis in a highly concentrated manner. In addition, SEOs should take some time for this.


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To find the appropriate keywords, SEOs should answer the following questions:


  • In what way do users search for information on their own topic?
  • Which target group do you want to reach with the individual keywords and associated optimization measures?
  • How high is the search volume of individual search terms or search phrases?
  • Which individual terms and/or combinations of terms are of important relevance here?
  • What does the competition look like? What keywords do other competitors focus on and how big is the competition?
  • To answer these questions, various keyword analysis tools are available on the Internet. One of them, for example, is the Google Keyword
  • Planner. Such tools display all the important information.


These include:


  • Average monthly search volume
  • Competition (High, Medium or Low)
  • For campaigns: bids for keyword prices and possible impressions


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Conclusion: What is a keyword analysis?

When SEOs and marketers build a new website, keyword analysis is the cornerstone. With this, they find out what their own target group is looking for. Accordingly, website owners receive high-quality traffic and ensure to rank high in the SERPs. To perform a successful keyword analysis, appropriate tools such as the GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER are helpful.

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