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In a nutshell: What is search volume?

The search volume provides information about how many search queries a particular keyword receives within a month. It is especially important for ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION in order to optimize for keywords with a reasonable search volume. Accordingly, a certain traffic can be expected.

What is search volume?

Especially SEOs are very interested in the search volume, so it is an important part of search engine optimization. Because this means the total number of search queries that a particular keyword receives within a month.


In addition, a distinction must be made as to whether this is an expected or achieved search volume. If a keyword analysis is carried out to find new search terms for the own project, the expected search volume serves excellently as a measurement figure. If the content has been created and is ranking after some time, the achieved search volume can be seen in tracking tools such as Google Analytics can be analyzed.


Even though search volume is a helpful and important metric for content optimization, it cannot always be measured exactly. This is because such values can fluctuate slightly, for which various factors are responsible. Nevertheless, the search volume serves as a rough orientation.


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How is the search volume determined?

Before the actual content creation, SEOs and marketers find out exactly what search volume certain keywords have. There are various methods available for such a determination.


Among other things, the free Google AdWords Keyword Planner is available for this purpose. It is easy to use and offers the possibility to import entire keyword lists for an analysis. However, it is important to note that these are only approximate values.


There are also many other providers online who offer their own keyword research tools. These tools also provide users with an approximate indication of how much traffic a keyword could generate within a month.

What is the importance of search volume for SEO?

As already mentioned, search volume is a very interesting and important metric for the Search Engine Optimization. Here SEOs and webmasters find out which keywords are well suited for their own project to generate good traffic. Accordingly, the optimization takes place afterwards.


However, SEOs should note that keywords with a high search volume are not always useful. At first glance, they deliver a decent amount of traffic if there is a subpage in the SERPs has made it to the top of the SERPs. However, it is also obvious that such a keyword with a high search volume is highly competitive. Accordingly, it is much more difficult to work your way to the top.


For this reason, some SEOs work with special strategies where they deal exclusively with keywords that are in the middle range. They don't deliver as much traffic, but it's a lot easier to rank high with them.

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Conclusion on the topic of search volume

If SEOs and marketers are looking for new keywords for their project, a keyword analysis is indispensable. This tells them which keywords have a good search volume and how big the competition is at the same time. Thus, it is possible to find out approximately how much traffic will be generated in the later course.



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