SEO Glossary: Google Analytics - Everything you need to know!

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In a nutshell: What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides website owners with various data and information. Among other things, it helps to precisely analyze the behavior and needs of their own users and customers.

What is Google Analytics?

Most operators of a blog, online store or any other website have heard of Google Analytics. The analytics tool is extremely useful and provides various information and data.

With just a few clicks, website owners can find out how their own site is performing, for example. Or where and how visitors stay on the website and how they behave. This information is also very important for recognizing potential and making optimizations.

In addition, Google Analytics provides information about how many visitors drop by every day, where they come from and how old they are. If the Google Analytics account is also linked to the Google Search Console, its data is also available. This makes it possible to draw even more conclusions.

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Overview of some data provided by Google Analytics:

  • Session duration in minutes and seconds shows how long visitors stay on the website individually and on average
  • What is the average DEPARTURE RATE?
  • How old are visitors, what gender are they, and what country/region do they come from?
  • Which device are visitors using? Desktop PC or mobile device? It is also possible to display device models.
  • From which sources do visitors come? Example: Organic search results, links or social networks.
  • As you can see, Google Analytics is a powerful tool and provides a lot of useful information.


How does Google Analytics work?

In order for Google Analytics to read all the information, the system works with JavaScript. If a visitor opens the website, the tracking takes effect immediately and he is recorded by Google Analytics. By the way, it is also possible to display current users in real time.

If webmasters want to track user data with Google Analytics, they must integrate the corresponding tracking code on their website. Alternatively, a Google Tag Manager is also possible.

First, it is necessary to create a Google account. Then, the Analytics website is visited to open an account here. Google explains here step by step what is required for the setup.

Owners of multiple domains and, for example, multiple customer projects can also set up individual project categories. Thus, everything is clearly separated from each other.

What features does Google Analytics offer?

Google Analytics offers numerous useful functions. For example, webmasters can have individual reports automatically sent to them by e-mail at regular intervals. These contain all the desired statistics and data.

The Alerts function is also useful to be informed about significant changes. For example, if there is an increase or decrease in conversions, Google informs about it via a message. This eliminates the possibility of undetected problems that could last for days and can be solved immediately.

All basic functions of Google Analytics at a glance:

  • Target group analysis
  • Real-time analysis of current visitors
  • Relevant data about user behavior
  • All important acquisition information in one overviewDisplay conversions in e-commerce
  • Test reports from A/B Testing
  • Target-defined evaluations in different table forms

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Conclusion on the topic of Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics, website operators receive information about user behavior and possible potentials. The all-round complete analysis is a powerful tool and should not be missing at all for webmasters.

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