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Search engine optimization (SEO) in business-to-business (B2B) is subject to special requirements. They make it difficult for numerous companies to attract the attention of business customers with their services and products. Basically, the same principles apply in B2B SEO as in communication with private customers (business-to-consumer; B2C). However, the quality of marketing must be much higher in the B2B sector.

This is where Timo Specht and his team of long-time experienced SEO consultants come in. Every day, we deal with nothing but search engine optimization in the B2B and B2C sectors. Our passion for analysis, technology and high-quality content marketing is your trump card! We put our concentrated expertise at your service. Based on our individually developed and professionally implemented B2B SEO strategies, you will achieve maximum success in B2B marketing and gradually optimize all relevant key figures of your marketing.

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Our B2B SEO Services: Comprehensive SEO strategy for visibility, traffic, better content and your absolute success!

To meet the specific requirements of SEO in the B2B environment, improve the visibility of your website and generate more business customers and sales, cooperation with SEO experts is the best decision! Our B2B SEO agency offers all the services you need to make your B2B offer visible in search engines. See for yourself:

  • Collection of ideas for keywords and SEO texts; thereupon detailed keyword research and analysis with modern and market-leading SEO tools

  • Backlink building via our long-standing and high-quality network for accelerated and sustainable optimization of rankings

  • Various individual services in specific areas of B2B SEO: Local SEO, Technical SEO, OnPageand OffPage SEO

  • Placement of paid advertising to support SEO and increase visibility in the short term

  • u. v. m

SEO optimization increases your local reach. Your target group finds you faster & better and you reach the customers you really want.

Through proper optimization, you can drive more organic traffic to your website in the long run and then convert it into paid customers.

Through the traffic you get from search engine optimization, you will continuously get new customer inquiries day after day and have the choice of who you want to work with and who you don't.

If you rank #1 in Google with certain keywords, you have a certain standing externally, because then you are #1 for your niche, in your city.

Through continuous new customer inquiries via Google, you have plannable business growth. You know how many new customers you can acquire per month and can calculate accordingly.

The more terms for your website rank on position 1 in Google, the better known you become in Munich, because then there is no way around you when your target group searches for your keywords. 

B2B SEO - and its peculiarity

In order to understand the essence of B2B SEO and the quality of our B2B SEO agency's services, it is helpful to take a look at the peculiarities of search engine optimization in the B2B sector. The peculiarities are mainly based on two aspects: the high customer demands and the poor level of digitalization of many B2B companies.


Most company owners are aware of the high customer demands in the B2B environment. They know that in companies, decisions are seldom made by individuals, but are usually made by decision-making bodies with several people in charge. In addition, business customers in the B2B sector have little or no emotion at the forefront of their purchasing decisions - unlike B2C customers. Business customers are mainly persuaded to make purchases by rationality and arguments.

Although this peculiarity of B2B marketing is well known, we at Timo Specht repeatedly experience companies whose marketing lacks hard-hitting arguments and hard facts. Search engine optimization is particularly affected by this deficit:

  • The texts on the website may be technically sound, but they are not sufficiently optimized for SEO. This is expressed, among other things, in a poor coverage of the relevant keywords. Also, the design of the texts and their legible preparation often leaves much to be desired.

  • B2B companies do not always put themselves in the shoes of their customers when formulating their web texts, as a result of which the added value of their own products and services is pushed into the background or is not adequately communicated. This leads to a formulation of the web texts that is deficient in terms of sales psychology.

  • The lack of sales psychology optimization is reflected, for example, in the fact that the focus is not on the benefits for customers, but rather mainly on information about the qualities of one's own company. This unfortunately results in texts with information that is irrelevant for the B2B target group.

Why does it happen that companies do not consider the high customer requirements of B2B SEO or only insufficiently?

  • In many cases, the lack of consideration of B2B customers' expectations is related to a poor level of digitization in companies. Optimizations are needed here. Even those companies that already have a website and are engaged in online marketing have optimization potential open to them at any time. In this context, SEO and content marketing are the linchpins of holistic marketing optimization.

    With the help of SEO, the ranking of one's own website as a company's digital business card is pushed in the search engines, while content marketing helps a large amount of customers find their way to the company's website on their own. Delivering information instead of loud and costly advertising: That is the motto of content marketing!

    Search engine optimization and content marketing in interaction with each other lay the foundation for B2B customers to find high-quality content on the company's website. Ultimately, SEO and content marketing contribute to what many B2B companies lack on their websites:

    • Integration of all relevant keywords and creation of a clear website structure

    • Providing high-quality content on the website that appropriately showcases the company's products and services and contributes to easier marketing

    • Development and implementation of a holistic B2B SEO strategy, which, due to the expansion of the website, generation of backlinks and other individually required measures (e.g. Local SEO), brings more traffic to the website, increases the authority of the website and increases the general awareness of the company

    Thanks to high-quality SEO and content marketing, a large proportion of the B2B target group reaches the website on its own, as it gradually climbs to the top of the search engine rankings thanks to B2B SEO. This is entirely in line with inbound marketing, which is increasingly replacing outbound marketing as a marketing method in the age of digitalization:

    you will still take outbound measures in the form of advertising and sales, you will notice in the context of B2B SEO that more and more customers come across your website and your company on their own via organic search. B2B marketing has never been more cost-effective or easier!

The high demands of customers result in significant differences in keywords and content for B2B SEO marketing compared to B2C SEO. These differences are presented below. In doing so, we illustrate how taking these differences into account leads to the development of a customized SEO strategy in the B2B sector. However, the principle of B2B SEO remains the same as traditional SEO: high-quality content with keywords, technical optimization and backlinks.

Low search volume and high specificity of B2B keywords

The keywords in the B2B environment differ from the B2C keywords in that they have a lower search volume. This difference is mainly due to the fact that the customers of B2B companies have more technical background than B2C customers and usually have a concrete idea of what they want to search for.

To demonstrate the differences in keywords, here are three examples each for keywords in the B2C and B2B sectors.

B2C Keywords:

  • Solar modules

  • Vinyl floor

  • PC monitor

B2B Keywords:

  • Solar modules monocrystalline cells

  • Click vinyl

  • Monitor 27 inch OLED

Accordingly, the keywords in B2B SEO marketing are more specific than the B2C keywords. The usually high specificity of keywords in B2B does not necessarily mean that only long-tail keywords are used in SEO in B2B. As the example of click vinyl shows, a specific B2B keyword (in this case one that refers to the click installation process for vinyl flooring) can also be short.

Which keywords must ultimately be taken up in B2B SEO depends individually on each B2B company and its target group. In general, the use of specific keywords is a core feature of B2B SEO. If too many general keywords such as "solar modules" and "PC monitor" were to be used on the B2B website, this would inevitably lead to mainly B2C customers coming across the website. The consequence: wrong target group.

Marketing managers therefore have a duty to conduct keyword research for search terms that correspond to the B2B company's target group. This does not exclude the use of general keywords, but the priority of the keywords must clearly lie on specific terms. This approach opens up great opportunities for B2B companies in search engine optimization: Specific keywords are niche keywords! Here, the competition is low, so companies can quickly gain visibility with their website for the respective niche keyword.

The specificity of B2B keywords is accompanied by a low search volume of the keywords. The low search volume in turn results in low competition. Thanks to the low competition you will gain visibility with your website faster when optimizing for B2B keywords, which leads to more traffic, higher sales and generally helps you to achieve steady success.

The high complexity of B2B content requires an adjustment of the quality of text creation: very accurate, precise and correct formulations, high content density without filler words and irrelevant sentences, a maximum coverage of the search intention.

Search intentions in particular are an essential criterion in B2B content marketing. Search intent refers to the intention users have when they enter a keyword in the search engine. There are certain search intentions behind all search queries. Given the low search volume for B2B keywords, it is particularly important to precisely evaluate the user's search intention before creating the text.

In the B2C sector, companies can much more easily afford to neglect search intent in their keyword research, since the higher search volumes for B2C keywords mean that plenty of users come across the website anyway. B2B companies are different: Having few potential customers per keyword means having to do everything possible to win those customers over!

In order to achieve the highest possible conversion rates for a small target group per keyword, high-quality content with a highly precise coverage of the search intention is required. In addition, a regular supply of new SEO texts is important: In order to gain rankings, the website must be successively expanded. Here an enormous deficit shows up with B2B enterprises and their search machine optimization. According to an article in the online trade magazine marconomy, studies show that there are differences in content production between B2B and B2C. While a third of B2C companies produce new content every day, only 18% of B2B companies publish new content on their own website every day, according to the marconomy article and the Statista study.

From our daily practice in SEO for B2B, we know very well that even the amount of companies that produce content on a daily basis, as described in the online trade magazine marconomy for the B2C sector, is too low. Thus, there is no need to even talk about the lack of content production in the B2B area ...

According to marconomy, B2B providers cite a lack of time as the reason for the infrequent publication of new content and texts on the website. Also with regard to this aspect, it makes sense to be looked after by a B2B SEO agency or a B2B SEO expert. Our SEO team in Munich works with professional content agencies that do nothing but create cutting-edge content on a wide variety of B2B topics on a daily basis.

Through our analyses and strategies, as well as the B2B content of specialized content agencies, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality content for your website! This gives you authority in the eyes of your customers and in the evaluation of search engines, so that you generate increasing traffic and steadily increase the rankings of your website.


Both on the entire website and on the individual subpages, the content should be easy to understand and clearly presented. Unlike private buyers, B2B buyers are less impressed by elaborate animations on the website. In order to communicate the benefits of one's own products, services and other B2B offerings as efficiently as possible, the content should be easy for users to understand and read. This by no means excludes the use of infographics and videos, but these graphics and videos must definitely be useful and not, as sometimes happens in B2C SEO, included merely to lighten up the text.

The fact that the keywords in SEO for B2B have a low search volume opens up the possibility of creating many subpages for the individual keywords and clearly structuring the website according to the individual topics. This is called topic siloing. Thereby, all relevant topics are identified and ordered for the SEO in B2B:

  • For which keywords and topics is it worthwhile to create separate pages and optimize them continuously?

  • Which theme is subordinate to another theme? How should the menu structure and site map of the website be prepared?

  • How to create internal links between the topics and pages of the website?

(Graphic idea -> Create theme silo with visualization of a website structure)

These and other questions are used for topic siloing in order to develop a clear roadmap based on the findings as to what content will be created and how this content will be implemented on the website. The decisions made here impact all B2B online marketing, which includes ad placement, social media marketing (e.g., Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn), and various other marketing sub-disciplines.


Over 500+ clients trust our SEO expertise for Munich and the whole of Bavaria!

Many well-known customers from Munich and the whole of Bavaria already trust us. Whether local companies such as doctors and real estate agents or online stores. As a highly specialized team of SEO freelancers, we can deliver exceptional results in all highly competitive SEO niches.

Testimonials from successful customers

Video testimonials are the best proof of exceptional cooperation with us as SEO freelancers. Convince yourself now!

Maria Boger

Video production from Munich

Thanks to Timo Specht's SEO team, I was able to rank at the top of Google with a relevant keyword within a very short time. Thus, I generate several inquiries for my business every week via my landing page.

I don't have to do any active canvassing now because I'm on top of Video Produktion München! Thanks to Timo and his SEO team.

Lack of new customer inquiries

Too few new customer inquiries outside the TV & film network. Too dependent on others with too little ability to plan.

Identify focus keyword

Identify a clear focus keyword for best possible chance to convert for new customers.

Number 1 video production

Number 1 ranking for "video production Munich". Regular new customer inquiries via Google.
Carlheinz Bartsch

Timo & his SEO agency in Munich was able to rank us first within 8 weeks for one of our focus keywords in the area of real estate agents - both organically and with Google My Business in the maps. The measures were additionally supported with relevant Google Ads. We appreciate the professional communication & reliable implementation in the cooperation."

Christian Mazilu

"Very good expertise. Pleasant personality with very good understanding of e-commerce SEO and content. Absolutely Up2Date. Are very satisfied in the collaboration. Absolutely recommend for companies as well as self-employed who want to sustainably advance your business."

Michael Wunderlich

"Many thanks Timo to you and your team for the sympathetic, perfect and extremely professional support
in SEO and SEA from the first day, every day. You are immediately on the spot when you are needed. My expectations were exceeded by far! Absolute recommendation from me to everyone!

Kelsey Nielsen

I worked with Timo on an SEO content audit as well as consulting him on a few SEO-related technical and logistical questions. He is a clear subject matter expert, provided a great audit with clear next steps, and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again!"

Luke Uhl

"We have been working with Timo and his team for >2 years now. The joint work is very professional and straightforward. Timo's consulting activities are extremely value-adding and prepared in a way that is understandable even for laypersons. Highly recommended!"

Ulrike Eder

"We are very grateful that we came across Timo. The consultation was very pleasant and competent. Timo was perfect for our needs and took our seo expertise to the next level. Clear recommendation!"

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B2B SEO Marketing Questions & Answers

B2B SEO marketing is an essential part in the marketing of companies that target business customers. Diverse marketing measures that B2B companies take are based on the analyses and strategies from search engine optimization. Finally, to complete the information of our B2B SEO agency, questions and answers about the basics of SEO are explained.

SEO is the abbreviation of "Search Engine Optimization", which means "search engine optimization" in German. SEO includes all measures on and off the website that are intended to help improve the organic rankings of the website and its subpages and achieve more visibility in the search engines. The organic rankings are the placements in the search results below the advertisements.



Higher visibility in search engines helps more users to reach the website and thus increases traffic. The more precisely the website content is targeted to a company's audience, the more likely it is that users will engage with the content on the website and the website owner will achieve their goal - be it generating leads, selling products or any other goal.


SEO marketing is built on analyses from special programs: the so-called SEO tools. With the help of the analyses and the experience of SEO experts, tailor-made strategies are developed for companies, which help to expand and improve the quality of websites. In addition, OffPage optimization, including in particular the generation of backlinks, is an essential part of SEO marketing.


SEO in B2B is a specific type of search engine optimization. It involves optimizing websites of companies that have business customers as their target group. Because the demands of business customers, i.e. B2B customers, are extremely specific and the keywords and content in the B2B environment also differ significantly from general SEO, there are particularly high requirements in B2B SEO in order to improve the rankings of websites and convince customers to make a purchase or contact the company.


A targeted marketing for B2B companies allows to gain more visibility with B2B products or B2B services. This increases the success of B2B companies and contributes to more authority with the target group and more awareness on the market. Since many B2B companies lack SEO content on their websites and many of these companies even have a poor level of digitalization, individually planned and implemented B2B marketing measures offer an optimal opportunity to qualitatively differentiate themselves from the rest of the market and draw from the maximum customer potential.


Facts around the Munich city

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, Germany, and the third largest city in the country. The city is known for its annual Oktoberfest, world-class museums and beautiful architecture. Munich is also home to major companies such as BMW and Siemens.

Munich was founded in 1158 by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria. The city grew rapidly and became a center for art and culture. In 1806, Munich became the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria. In 1933 Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany and moved the government to Munich. The city was heavily bombed during World War II, but was rebuilt after the war.

Munich is a popular tourist destination and is visited by over 20 million people every year. The city's main attractions are its many museums, including the Alte Pinakothek, the Neue Pinakothek and the Glyptothek. Munich is also home to several famous churches, including the Frauenkirche, the Michaelskirche and the Peterskirche. The English Garden is one of the largest parks in Europe and offers visitors numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.

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