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Search engine optimization (SEO), with which you improve your rankings in the search results, requires measures. These must be carried out on the basis of a clear strategy. And strategies must be developed on the basis of findings.


You can only gain the right insights into search engine optimization from a professional SEO audit. We at Specht GmbH carry out such an SEO audit for you. In this way, we lay the foundation for the success of your website. Over 500 completed projects, more than 10 years of experience and outstanding expertise speak for us.

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Say goodbye to online audits and get personalized analyses!

There are many offers for free SEO audits or site audits on the Internet. You enter the URL of your website in an input field and press a button, such as "Start site audit". An online audit will now take place, which will show you the technical problems of your website.


Even if providers are well-intentioned in offering free SEO audits, the benefits of these offers are very limited. For example, only rudimentary aspects are analyzed. What every website operator needs is an individual SEO analysis that covers all technical, content-related and external aspects. This is exactly what you get from us.


In search engine optimization, a distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes all factors on your website, including technical criteria (URL structures, sitemap, page speed, etc.) and content criteria (keywords, graphics, satisfaction of search intent, etc.).


Off-page SEO includes factors outside of your website. These primarily include backlinks - i.e. the links that point to your website from other websites. Do the links work properly and do they contain the DoFollow attribute?


It is not possible to take all factors of on-page SEO and off-page SEO into account using online site audits. The strategy with SEO measures defined on the basis of online audits therefore often contains errors. Avoid these mistakes and instead derive the right SEO measures to optimize your rankings - with Specht GmbH.


  • Use of various tools: We use several SEO tools. We combine the strengths of the tools so that you receive a high-quality, detailed analysis.
  • Up-to-date expert knowledge: Our analyses guarantee you information that is up to date with the current state of SEO. So you can derive the right measures.
  • Comprehensive & multifactorial: Whether technical errors or content-related problems: Our site audit shows you all optimization potential.
  • Developing successful strategies: We are happy to help you develop a customized strategy based on the information from the SEO analysis.
  • Achieve goals efficiently: A strategy with appropriate measures enables you to achieve your goals efficiently. You get a high return with little effort.

Guide and checklists: Performing an SEO audit in 4 steps

To help you fully understand our work and the importance of a professional SEO audit, we will give you an insight into the 4 steps of a thorough SEO analysis. Although the audit is summarized in 4 steps, you should by no means underestimate the scope.


Depending on the individual website, an audit can include hundreds of criteria that need to be checked and evaluated. The right strategy for optimizing the website must then be developed, taking into account the comprehensive findings.


Are you ready to carry out a comprehensive SEO audit? We are.

Process of a professional SEO audit

Step #1: Check the basic technical requirements

  • Servers, infrastructures and hosting
  • SSL certification
  • Mobile optimization
  • Loading time of the website
  • Crawlability and indexing
  • Problems with links
  • and much more.


The basic technical requirements include choosing a hosting provider and hosting package that is adapted to the requirements of your website in terms of quality (e.g. few server outages) and quantity (e.g. storage capacity). An SSL certificate is also an absolute must.


Mobile optimization of the website is also relevant. Especially on mobile devices, large amounts of data on the subpages of the website can lead to long loading times. Pagespeed (website loading time) is an important factor in SEO analysis and should be taken into account for all end devices.


Crawlability and indexing of the content are also important when checking the basic technical requirements. If the search engine algorithms cannot crawl the website as easily as possible, the potential for search engine optimization is lost. Setting up an XML sitemap is therefore essential. Rules for crawling can be defined in the sitemap.


Problems with links, such as broken links or 404 messages, are basic technical errors and should be rectified. The search engine operator Google already provides several helpful tools for checking the technical requirements in the form of Google Search ConsoleGoogle Analytics and Google PageSpeed Insights.


Step #2: Analyze the on-page SEO

In principle, checking the basic technical requirements (see step #1) is already largely part of on-page SEO. However, there are technical aspects that are less general and more specific to the website. These individual aspects are checked after the basic technical requirements check.


  • Duplicate content and canonical tags
  • URL structures
  • Content, content, content: keywords, search intent, etc.
  • Title tag and meta description
  • Checking all subpages for formatting, code, etc.
  • Internal link building


For websites where there is a risk of duplicate content (e.g. online stores, certain encyclopaedias), it is important to identify potential problems with duplicate content and define countermeasures such as canonical tags.


Checking the URL structures is closely linked to the structuring of the menu and navigation for users. The categories on the website and the division of the subpages across several menu levels must already be taken into account here. In terms of search engine optimization and user-friendliness, speaking URLs with keywords should also be used.


Speaking of keywords: these keywords are essential in on-page SEO and content marketing. The relevant keywords must be identified and integrated into the content and subpages of the website. Texts, alt tags of graphics, meta titles and other elements should contain the main keyword as well as relevant additional keywords.


The satisfaction of the search intention also plays a central role in the quality of the content. Users want content to match not only the keyword, but also their intention - for example, that they want to find out more or buy something. Search engine crawlers are also good at evaluating the satisfaction of search intent.


A title tag must be defined in the header of every page. It is also displayed large in the search results below the URL and serves as the user's first touchpoint with the page. The main keyword must be included in the title tag for the search engines. With regard to users, the title tag must be formulated so attractively that they are very likely to click on the search result and want to find out more.


All subpages are subjected to a thorough check of formatting and other technical factors. For example, it should be ruled out that a heading is no longer displayed as such due to a forgotten character and that the content is read incorrectly by the crawlers.


The internal link building should show connections between the subpages and category pages as well as the homepage. It is also important that the internal links are technically correct and that users and search engine crawlers are redirected to suitable content.


The Google tools already mentioned - especially the Google Search Console and Google Analytics - are helpful for on-page SEO. Nevertheless, the use of other SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Termlabs and Sistrix are essential for on-page SEO.


Step #3: Analyze the off-page SEO

  • Authority and link power of linking websites
  • Toxicity of backlinks
  • Link attributes
  • Entries in business directories
  • Google company profile
  • Social Signals


Off-page SEO is basically all about backlinks. Alongside content, these are the most important search engine optimization measure once the technical requirements (see step #1) have been met. There are various tactics for building backlinks, which should be adapted to the website and taken into account as part of an SEO strategy.


In the context of backlinks, it is important to identify toxic links and declare them invalid via the Disavow tool if they exist. Furthermore, the DoFollow attribute should be set for desired backlinks in order to pass on the full link power.


Examples of SEO tools for checking the backlink profile are the backlink checker from Seobility and the backlink analysis tool from Semrush.


Listings in business directories, the creation of a Google company profile account and social signals from social media may also be components of the third step of an SEO audit.


Step #4: Interpretation of the audit and definition of SEO measures

If you look at the term "audit" in its pure definition, an audit only serves to analyze the current situation. It answers the following question in detail: How is the website currently rated in terms of SEO criteria? However, some sources define an SEO audit in such a way that it does not only serve to analyze the current situation.


According to OMR, an SEO audit also includes the interpretation of the results of the analysis, the derivation of specific SEO measures and the development of a search engine optimization strategy.


We at Specht GmbH are very flexible in this respect: we are happy to go beyond the analysis in an additional fourth step of the audit and interpret the results. Based on the interpretation, we determine suitable SEO measures for your success on Google and other search engines.


In order to promote a structured implementation of the measures, we are happy to develop a search engine optimization strategy. The strategy is nothing more than a step-by-step guide to fixing the problems identified in the audit and optimizing rankings in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Specialized SEO audits and holistic search engine optimization

SEO audits can be expanded to include certain aspects. For example, if you want a local SEO audit, you can have the quality of your website checked using local search engine optimization criteria.


Such an audit is initially just like a normal SEO audit, but it is expanded to include local aspects (e.g. Google company profile, locally relevant keywords). These aspects are subjected to a detailed analysis.


In addition to specializing an audit on local SEO, it is also possible to carry out audits specifically in consideration of the content management system(CMS). In the analysis, the special features of WordPressJoomla, Contao and other CM systems are taken into account in the analysis.


Just as we at Timo Specht carry out the SEO audits holistically, we are happy to offer you our other SEO services. This gives you the opportunity to receive comprehensive SEO support from us.


As a professional agency, we always think outside the box to provide state-of-the-art search engine optimization. For over a decade, we have been drawing our knowledge not only from professional experience, but also from US masterminds who have extensive knowledge of SEO.


If you are not only looking for an agency for a high-quality SEO audit, but also want professional implementation of the recommended SEO measures, we are the right partner at your side.


The guidelines of Google and other search engines change regularly. Measuring the impact of Google algorithm updates correctly and taking the right SEO measures after the updates is particularly challenging. This is where we come into play as the strong SEO partner at your side.

FAQ: Questions and answers about the SEO audit

An SEO audit is used to analyze the current status of a website. The criteria of search engine optimization (SEO) are decisive here. These criteria are derived from the search engine guidelines defined by search engine operators such as Google.


Examples of the content of an SEO audit include checking the website for technical errors and the keyword check. Anyone who formats texts incorrectly (technical aspect), for example, will never achieve the best possible rankings - regardless of the quality of the content and the integration of keywords.


An SEO audit therefore includes the analysis of all quality criteria of a website that are relevant for search engines in order to determine measures for optimizing rankings and their implementation based on a strategy.


In addition to experience and expertise in carrying out an audit, it is essential to make use of SEO tools. Tools such as the Google Search Console, Ahrefs and other search engine optimization programs help to gain concrete clues and key figures on technology, keywords and other SEO factors. This allows problems and untapped potential to be identified in the best possible way so that optimization can then be carried out.

An SEO audit includes the analysis of technical, content-related and external factors using SEO tools.


Examples of technical factors are the existence of an SSL certificate, the quality of an XML sitemap and the loading time of the website.


Content factors include the coverage of keywords in texts, the information content of the content and the satisfaction of users' search intentions.


External factors of an SEO audit are primarily the quantity and quality of backlinks. Apart from backlinks, the Google company profile account and social signals from social media may also play a role.

The costs for an SEO audit cannot be given as a lump sum. We at the SEO agency Timo Specht will be happy to give you a concrete estimate of the costs in a free and non-binding initial consultation.


The costs depend on the individual project. For example, it makes a huge difference whether the operator of an online store with 2,000 products or 50 products wants to have an SEO audit carried out. In the former example, the quantities of keywords, subpages and content are larger, which significantly increases the effort of the audit and therefore the costs.


If further SEO services are required following the analysis, the costs will also vary. In addition to the size of the project, the individual goals of the website operator also have an influence on the effort and costs.

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