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In a nutshell: What is a meta description?

A meta description is a short summary of the content of a website. It is used for search engine results, but also on social media platforms. The goal is to attract curious visitors with a good meta description.


What is a meta description?

Would webmasters and SEOs like successful search engine optimization the meta description is very important. The HTML tag is placed directly in the source code of a website and is used on all pages (home page, category pages, blog articles, etc.).



Read among others Search engine crawlers search engine crawlers read the meta description. After indexing, it is then displayed in the SERPs directly under the title of the website entry. Search engine users thus get a rough idea of what to expect on the website.


Example of a meta description tag:


<meta name=“description“ content=“INHALT DER META-BESCHREIBUNG“ />

If a page does not have its own description, search engines usually create their own description. Nevertheless, SEOs should strive to insert a meaningful description on every page of their website.


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How important is a meta description?

Google announced that the meta description is not evaluated or considered. Nevertheless, it plays a crucial and important role.


Because if you create a proper meta description and reflect the content of the page there, you can definitely ensure a high click-through rate in the search engine results. Consequently, the CTR and the associated organic traffic increase.


What should a good meta description look like?

Besides the title, enough attention should also be paid to the meta description. Because it is displayed directly after entering a search term in the SERPs when users search for something specific.


Among other things, the meta description should have the right length. But other factors also play an important role.


The AIDA principle is an excellent illustration of what these are:



If webmasters and SEOs adhere to the AIDA principle listed above, they create a good and interesting meta description for users. After a short description, the description can also be expanded with an addition such as "Get all the info here" or "Click here".


Tip: To give the meta description even more pep, it can also be extended with small special characters. These can be small arrows, hooks or hearts, for example. It is important that these are ASCII special characters.

What length must a meta description have?

SEOs are free to choose the length. Nevertheless, it should not be too long, roughly max. 155 to 160 characters help as a guide.


How long a meta description is depends on the following factors:


  • Keyword
  • Terminal
  • Location during search


If a user enters a search term on a computer, the screen is significantly larger than on a mobile device. Accordingly, the description is displayed narrower and shorter.


Tip: If you are tired of constantly determining the character length of the description you have just created in a text editor, you can also use a meta description generator. This displays the current total character length of the description and can be adjusted if necessary. It is also helpful to carry out tests. Which descriptions generate a high CTR (CLICK RATE) and which do not?

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Conclusion on the subject of meta description

Even though the meta description is not a ranking factor on Google, it should be filled out in detail. This way, search engine users will get a short teaser of your website and may decide to stop by.


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