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In a nutshell: What is the Googlebot?

The Googlebot is often referred to as a crawler. It is a special program that searches the Internet for various sub-pages, files and documents. If the document is interesting and relevant, it is remembered, saved and finally indexed. indexed.

What exactly is the Googlebot?

The Internet is evolving by the second. New pages come and go, content is changed. This makes it all the more important to discover such updates quickly and easily. And this is where the Googlebot comes into play.

He searches the gigantic World Wide Web for new or modified websites and content. It looks at the documents more closely, collects their information and prepares them accordingly for the Google search. Afterwards, the memorized information and data are stored and finally fetched into the search index.

If an interested party now enters a search term in the Google search mask, he receives the corresponding results. The search engine does not access the Internet directly, but Google's index. And this was compiled by the Googlebot.

In the meantime, the data collected by the Googlebot is still evaluated and compared with the ranking algorithm. Subsequently, a page appears on a corresponding placement in the SERPs.

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How does the Google Bot work?

The Googlebot is often referred to as a web crawler and looks around websites at regular intervals. The crawl budget determines how often a bot stops by. It depends on how many incoming links a domain has and how high its PageRank is.

A visit usually lasts only a few seconds, then the Googlebot moves on. During this time, the bot scans the entire content for possible new links and changed content. It then compares the page that is in the cache. Depending on how big the changes are, there is a change in the search index or not.

If there is a normal, static code on a website, the bot can read it without any problems. However, the situation is different for domains with dynamic content. Google can only comprehend these with difficulty or not at all. But here, too, the search engine is working on a solution

How to be found by the Googlebot?

Since the Googlebot works its way from website to website, linking makes sense. At the same time, linking ensures that the ranking of a website can increase. If the bot sees a new linked page that it does not know yet, it visits it and looks around curiously.

A second possible variant is the registration of the domain in the Google Search Console. Especially website operators of new domains benefit from this and send Google the signal that they exist. If a page was freshly entered into the SEARCH CONSOLE entered, it often does not take long until the Googlebot stops by.

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Conclusion on Googlebot

In order to appear in Google's search engine index and to be listed here, the Googlebot is indispensable. It is responsible for looking around for changed or new content on a domain. The process takes only a few seconds and compares it with the data in the cache to see if there are any possible changes.


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