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✔ Can be used anonymously and without registration or login data
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Free, anonymous, without login and without registration: Valuable tips for efficient use of the ChatGPT tool from Specht GmbH!

The ChatGPT tool from Specht GmbH offers you several advantages, such as free and anonymous use. Try out our tool for FREE and convince yourself of the possibilities and functions! Just enter your question or request in the tool's text field. Depending on the request it may take a few seconds until you receive the result.

With our offer you are well equipped if you want to use ChatGPT in German. in German. When using our offer, keep in mind that the ChatGPT tool in the free version is free version is set to process up to 2,000 tokens per request. per request.

So it could be that you respond to some questions and prompts, especially detailed and complex aspects, you may not get the full result. get the whole result. We have set this limitation because the free provision of the new the new model of ChatGPT in the Pro version is associated with high costs for us. high costs for us. Feel free to sign up with us to get our tips, for which we provide valuable ChatGPT prompts for you!

The prompts increase your efficiency in content production and help to save time when using the chatbot. using the chatbot. In addition, our valuable prompts help you help you to receive high-quality responses from ChatGPT that fall below the of the 2,000 tokens.

What is ChatGPT? Find out everything you need to know about the chatbot!

ChatGPT is software based on AI that responds to various types of user responds to various user requests. Depending on the type of request, ChatGPT provides answers questions, analyzes documents or outputs a different result. another result. In doing so, the software generates human-like results, which is why using the software is similar to a written conversation with a human being.

Consequently, ChatGPT is also referred to as a chatbot is also referred to as a chatbot. ChatGPT is made up of the two terms "Chat" and "GPT". The first term is quickly explained: "To chat" means "to converse". to chat". This refers to the conversation that users have with ChatGPT, when they ask the chatbot questions or make requests. "GPT" is an abbreviation for abbreviation for "Generative Pre-trained Transformers" and requires a more detailed more detailed explanation:

  • "Generative" means that the AI is capable of generating new content. Only with the invention of this technology was it possible to train AIs cost-efficiently in the generation of different content. The The previous encoder technology proved to be extremely cost-intensive and meant that only AI that could perform a limited range of tasks could be created. limited range of tasks.
  • "Pre-trained" means that the AI has been trained in advance. Through the training on millions, or as with our ChatGPT tool: trillions, of parameters and data sets, the AI acquires the ability to generate new and human-like content.
  • "Transformer" stands for the architecture of the software. It is structured in such a way that it can generate another sequence of characters from a sequence of characters. from a sequence of characters. In doing so, the software transforms the outgoing character sequence into a new character sequence and in this way creates new new types of content.


Overall, ChatGPT is a neural network model that has been trained to interact with humans and generate novel content using comprehensive data sets. Due to the extensive training, the responses of the ChatGPT tools are high quality and human-like. In response to user prompts, the AI outputs the appropriate result, and ChatGPT can be used to do the following things, among others:

  1. Creation and analysis of texts and images
  2. Draft documents
  3. Programming: Writing new computer codes
  4. Entering questions for answering
  5. Creation of tools for chatting
  6. Translation of languages


Tokens: How the chatbot works and how its costs are calculated!

Unlike Timo Specht's ChatGPT tool, the majority of providers and the company OpenAI charge a fee for using the new ChatGPT-4 model. The basis on which the costs are calculated are the tokens. The tokens also form the basis of how the chatbot works. A token is a unit. ChatGPT generates texts using tokens rather than words and letters.

Like other artificial intelligences, ChatGPT calculates the probability of which token should follow the next when formulating texts and accomplishing other tasks. This creates a coherent text. Whether a token is a word, a letter or just a character (e.g. a punctuation mark or an emoji) depends on the individual case and cannot be predicted across the board. Based on the general use cases, a token corresponds approximately to the following word sets:

  • English: 1 word = 1.3 tokens
  • German: 1 word = 1.8 tokens
  • Spanish: 1 word = 2 tokens
  • French: 1 word = 2.2 tokens


How many tokens are issued by ChatGPT as a result of a prompt (i.e. the user's questions or instructions) can influence the cost of the tool. Users who use the paid version of the ChatGPT tool from the company OpenAI must be confident that the tokens are counted correctly and that the fees are therefore fair. This problem does not exist with the free ChatGPT tool from Specht GmbH. Only the number of tokens and therefore the detail of the responses is limited to 2,000 tokens per prompt.

However, you can perform any number of prompts, which gives you the opportunity to break down a complex prompt into several individual prompts and thus find out more and more details about the desired topic. To increase the quality of GPT responses, it is recommended not to make the user input too complex and to perform several individual queries instead. If you use our tool carefully, you will not notice the token restrictions and will benefit fully from the free use.

An overview of all GPT models from OpenAI for you!

ChatGPT technology has been further developed over the years, but was not made available to the general public until 2020 with the GPT-3 model. The GPT-1 and GPT-2 models created until then represent the beginning of the journey and were trained with relatively few parameters. The functions of these models are therefore limited.

It was only with the GPT-3 model, which was trained with 175 billion parameters and published in June 2020, that OpenAI's chatbot became known to private users. The optimization of GPT-3 published in November 2022, known as GPT-3.5, gained worldwide popularity.

In our ChatGPT tool, we provide the latest version of the chatbot, which has been trained with several trillion parameters and contains various functional enhancements compared to GPT-3.5. Some of the new features are already integrated into the ChatGPT tool and can be accessed via the OpenAI API and the plugin store. Below the following general overview, we provide you with further information on some of the GPT models:

  • GPT-5: still under development
  • GPT-4: trained with several trillion parameters and in March 2023 published
  • GPT-3.5: trained with 175 billion parameters and presented in November 2022 presented
  • GPT-3: trained with 175 billion parameters and in June 2020 published
  • GPT-2: trained with 1.5 billion parameters and completed in February 2019 completed
  • GPT-1: trained with 117 million parameters and completed in February 2018 finalized


Model GPT-3.5: The text-to-text model with basic capabilities!

ChatGPT-3.5, which was presented in November 2022, is a pure text-to-text model that was trained with 175 billion parameters. The number of parameters is therefore significantly lower than that of its successor GPT-4, resulting in a smaller scope of knowledge and functions. For example, the following functions can be performed with GPT-3.5:

  • Analyzing and summarizing texts
  • Draft documents
  • Answering questions
  • Translation of languages
  • Text creation
  • Programming


ChatGPT-4 extends this range of functions to include uploading and analyzing images, among other things. It is also possible to create your own chatbots with the new language model. Furthermore, GPT-4 's responses are more precise than those of GPT-3 and the number of risks, such as querying and receiving responses on illegal topics, is lower with ChatGPT-4.

Model GPT-4 offers you more functions and more accurate results!

With the introduction of the GPT-4 model, significant optimizations have been made to the chatbot, which go hand in hand with a wider range of functions and reduce the risks associated with its use. In our ChatGPT tool, we provide the latest version, ChatGPT-4, which enables secure use of the writing tool with precise responses and significantly more functions.

The GPT-4 model presented on March 14, 2023 is the latest and most advanced version of OpenAI's chatbot. The expansion of the parameters with which GPT4 was trained is clearly noticeable in the chatbot's range of applications. Possible applications for the chatbot include the following, in addition to the functions of the previous models:

  • Photograph and solve tasks from books
  • get better and more up-to-date answers to complex questions
  • Integration of plugins from the plugin store launched in 2023 in order to
  • extend the functions of the ChatGPT tool
  • Upload and analyze images


An important further development is the plugin store, which was launched by OpenAI at the end of March 2023. As with content management systems (e.g. WordPress or Contao) and browsers, the store makes it possible to extend the functionality of ChatGPT with plugins. They create several new functions. For example, the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website can be analyzed using a custom plugin from ChatGPT.

The expected successor to ChatGPT-4 and newer developments!

The successor to ChatGPT-4 is expected in 2024. The company OpenAI denied initial rumors that the release of the GPT-5 model was imminent. Although the "GPT-5" trademark has already been registered with the patent office, for the time being only an improved version of GPT-4 has been created, which is currently available from OpenAI. The development of this version is accompanied by an extended context window of 128K and lower costs.

Users benefit from cheaper input and output tokens when using the enhanced version. The chatbot's capabilities have also been expanded:

  • Several functions can be performed with one message
  • Integration of DALL-E 3 for image generation via the Image Generation API
  • Voice conversation as a supplement to the written output of the answers
  • Introduction of new text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities to output text in different text in different sounding voices


The first version of GPT-4 and the more advanced versions with the aforementioned functions are differentiated by name affixes. The further developments are referred to as "Chat GPT-4 Turbo" and "ChatGPT-4 with vision". The term "vision" is used to allow the chatbot to upload images and perform visual analyses. The template "gpt-4-vision-preview" is used to access the capabilities and functions.

In November 2023, there was also an update to update the database to the status of 2023. Furthermore, an additional tool called GPT Builder now makes it possible to create your own chatbots without programming any code. They perform individually defined tasks. In January 2024, OpenAI opened a GPT store. Developers can publish and sell their own GPT versions there. A more advanced GPT model from OpenAI is not expected until the course of 2024.

Please grant us a brief moment of your attention at the end of our informative explanation of the free chat GPT tool!


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