Google Core Update May 2020: Impact & Solutions!

Whenever Google rolls out a new core update, the news is all over the place - it happened again at the beginning of May 2020. Only after a few weeks does the volatility of the rankings subside again.

Now reasonable estimates can be made of the actual impact of the update and appropriate actions can be derived to align the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION accordingly.

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Who has gained from the update?

A good indication of which websites have gained from the Google May 2020 Core Update is provided by the Sistrix tool. The provider's visibility index provides information about how findable a website is on Google.

For a large number of search terms, it was also reported that large sites such as Chip, Computerbild or Spiegel had gained ground despite partially thin content. In fact, it happens again and again that the big players slide to the front in the SERPS at the beginning of an update.

However, not only absolute authority domains have performed well in the new GOOGLE UPDATE . Instead, it looks as if the search engine's algorithm is now even better at recognizing user signals and rewards this with better rankings - even if the content is crisp and does not cover every topic in epic breadth.

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Who lost due to the update?

Especially the local search results have been shaken up in the first half of the year. Some speculate that this may also have something to do with Covid-19 and does not have to be a direct result of the core update, since the lockdown led to a reduction in check-ins.

The losers of the update are once again pages that have too little content quality and thus also have a low dwell time. So-called hub pages are particularly affected this time. These are, for example, overview pages on certain topics that - taken on their own - simply do not radiate enough relevance.

It shows that sites with very thin and little user-focused content have lost out. Many smaller affiliate projects are affected, for example. Although these are often very extensively developed in terms of text, this does not always match the user's intention - especially with transactional keywords. In addition, affiliate sites rarely fulfill the E-A-T scheme (Expertise, Authority & Trust), which seems to become more and more important.

This is what SEOs should do now!

With the May 2020 update, Google has not turned the search engine optimization game on its head. It is still true that you have to offer the best content to outdo the competition. A certain level of authority & trust helps of course, but this should come about naturally.

As SEO FREELANCER I can recommend the following: Before investing a lot of budget in (dubious) backlinks, website operators should put the content on their own site through its paces. Here often with targeted additions can always get something out.

Google's updates always aim to improve the user experience. They don't always succeed right away, and in some industries Google's course correction has tended to make things worse. For some search terms, authority domains with rather thin content were able to achieve top positions.

However, one should not be tempted to hectic actions and question the entire SEO concept. As a website operator, you should instead remain true to your plan and continue to focus on the user in particular. In the long run, Google will definitely honor this - because the next update is sure to come!

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