Viral gehen: Was heißt das und wie funktioniert es?

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In Zeiten des Internets war es nie einfacher, über Nacht weltweit bekannt zu werden. Ein komischer Moment, aufgenommen auf einem Video, reicht aus, um in die Timeline von Milliarden Menschen gespült zu werden. Hier ein Share, dort ein Like, hier eine Verlinkung und zack:   Aus einem spontanen Video, Foto oder Wort wird über Nacht […]

Edit your Google company profile: This is how it works!

Edit Google company profile (formerly Google My Business Profile) Post image

Creating a company profile on Google has many advantages for companies. However, it is necessary that the information contained there is always up-to-date and correct. So what should you do if your information changes? We at Specht GmbH will now show you how to edit your company profile. Note: Google [...]

International SEO: 7 tips for better global visibility

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International SEO includes strategies and techniques to make your website visible through high rankings in global search engine results. But without an international SEO strategy, it is not easy to help a German website gain more reach in other countries.   What you should consider in your international SEO strategy and how you can [...]

The most important online & offline marketing strategies at a glance

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In times of digitalization, B2C and B2B marketing has become a dynamic field that is constantly growing and evolving. Modern online marketing strategies are particularly important if you want to be successful and stand out from the competition. However, there are also proven offline methods that you should know and master. In this [...]

Omnichannel marketing: 6 steps to a successful strategy

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With an intelligent omnichannel marketing strategy, you can create exceptional customer experiences on different channels and improve your sales in the long term. In this article, Timo Specht will define omnichannel marketing and provide you with effective steps towards an effective and sustainable strategy. Omnichannel marketing: what is it actually? With omnichannel marketing, you create a cohesive buying experience across [...]

The best ChatGPT alternatives for different purposes: a comprehensive overview

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important. ChatGPT from OpenAI in particular is an impressive tool that helps companies and private individuals with research, learning, writing, organizing and many other tasks. But besides ChatGPT, there are numerous other AI models and services that you should have on your radar. Whether you need support in [...]

Marketing for dentists: how to increase your reach

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A fully booked appointment calendar, expert status online and offline and patients who know exactly that they only want to be treated by you - this is the result of successful SEO for dentists. Reach more private patients and advertise additional services in your practice in a targeted manner. Various marketing measures can improve your reach and visibility as a dentist. [...]

Google algorithm leak: lots of excitement, little behind it

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March 13, 2024: Various internal Google documents about how the search engine algorithm works are leaked on the developer platform "Github". At the end of May, the contents of the documents are published by SEO experts Rand Fishkin and Michael King. Since then, the wider SEO scene has been talking about a monumental Google algorithm leak. We at Specht GmbH have been known for decades as [...]

Improve Google ranking: Tips on onpage, offpage & technical SEO

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Google rankings are crucial for a company's success - in all industries! Why? Because a better ranking of your website in the Google SERPs means higher traffic and more potential new customers. In this article, we at Timo Specht would like to tell you how you can improve your rankings and even appear at number 1 on Google! In doing so [...]

ChatGPT plugins have been abolished - get to know the alternative!

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ChatGPT plugins are currently the talk of the town among ChatGPT users. Why? Because the plugins have no longer existed since April 9, 2024. For people who use ChatGPT, there is an exciting alternative in the form of GPTs. In this blog post, we will bring you up to date on ChatGPT plugins and GPTs. Find out here how [...]