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Set your website apart from the competition in Google search results with unique titles and descriptions. The optimizer for search result snippets allows you to improve your snippets in a targeted manner, increase the click-through rate and thus generate more traffic from Google.

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Timo Specht
Timo Specht | SEO/SEA & Online Marketing Specialists
April 21, 2024 - We are your experienced SEO, SEA & Online Marketing specialists. Professional & Personal ✓ Agency alternative ✓ Contact us now for an initial consultation!
Rating: 5 - 1,295 reviews
Timo Specht
Timo Specht | SEO/SEA & Online Marketing Specialists
April 21, 2024 - We are your experienced SEO, SEA & Online Marketing specialists. Professional & Personal ✓ Agency alternative ✓ Contact us now for an initial consultation!
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Over 500+ clients trust our SEO expertise for Munich and the whole of Bavaria!

Many well-known customers from Munich and the whole of Bavaria already trust us. Whether local companies such as doctors and real estate agents or online stores. As a highly specialized team of SEO freelancers, we can deliver exceptional results in all highly competitive SEO niches.

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Carlheinz Bartsch
Bartsch Real Estate Ltd.
Timo & his SEO agency in Munich was able to rank us first within 8 weeks for one of our focus keywords in the area of real estate agents - both organically and with Google My Business in the maps. The measures were additionally supported with relevant Google Ads. We appreciate the professional communication & reliable implementation in the cooperation."
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Kelsey NIelsen
I worked with Timo on an SEO content audit as well as consulting him on a few SEO-related technical and logistical questions. He is a clear subject matter expert, provided a great audit with clear next steps, and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again!"
Personio Logo
A smiling man with a beard and blue polo shirt stands in front of a bright, blurred background with art objects.
Michael Wunderlich
Managing Director - Practice Ortho Lehel

"Many thanks Timo to you and your team for the sympathetic, perfect and extremely professional support
in SEO and SEA from the first day, every day. You are immediately on the spot when you are needed. My expectations were exceeded by far! Absolute recommendation from me to everyone!


Logo of Ortho-Lehel
Portrait of a smiling man in black and white, with jacket and open shirt.
Christian Mazilu
Shisha World

"Very good professional competence. Pleasant personality with a very good understanding of e-commerce SEO and content. Absolutely Up2Date. We are very satisfied with the collaboration. Absolutely recommendable for companies as well as self-employed people who want to advance their business sustainably."

Logo of Shisha-World
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Daniel Rakus
SEA Experts GmbH & CoKG

"Top SEO agency - all goals were achieved. After 6 months we have a top ranking for the selected terms and the visibility of the website has also improved in other ways. Cooperation at eye level and professional!"

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Luke Uhl
"We have been working with Timo and his team for >2 years now. The joint work is very professional and straightforward. Timo's consulting activities are extremely value-adding and prepared in a way that is understandable even for laypersons. Highly recommended!"
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Questions & answers about the SERP Snippet Generator

Do you have questions about our tool with us? We are happy to answer frequently asked questions.

The Specht GmbH tool displays the simulated SERP snippet live. If required, the display can include the date and the rich snippets.

To highlight the snippet in the search results list, it is advisable to use special HTML characters for certain search queries. Examples of popular HTML special characters are check marks, arrows and stars.

To achieve the best possible rankings and high click-through rates in Google search results, we recommend the following tips.

To create high-converting title tags (meta titles), the following tips should be taken into account.

#1: Note the length of the meta title

Make sure that the meta title is not cut off. The length of the title is measured in pixel width. Use the SERP generator to maintain an optimal meta title length or stick to a guideline of 50 to 60 characters.

#2: Integrate keywords into the meta title

Your meta title should contain the main keyword for which you want your page to rank. Place the main keyword at the beginning of the title if possible, because search engines generally give more weight to the beginning of a title.

#3: Include the brand

If it makes sense, the name of your brand or company should appear at the end of the meta title. This is particularly important for brand recognition. It can also improve the click-through rate if users recognize the brand.

#4: Ensure uniqueness

Each page should have a unique title tag that accurately reflects what visitors can expect on that specific page. Duplicate titles can cause confusion and reduce the effectiveness of your SEO.

#5: Ensure clarity and precision

The title should be clear and direct. It should get to the heart of what the user can expect on the page.

In any case, follow the advice below if you want to create good meta descriptions.

#1: Note the length of the meta description

Like the meta title, the meta description is also measured in pixels. If you choose not to use the SERP snippet generator, the description should be between 150 and 160 characters long.

#2: Communicate the core message

The meta description should precisely summarize the content of the page and emphasize the added value of the content for the user. Make it clear what visitors can expect on the page and why it is worth clicking.

#3: Include keywords in the meta description

Integrate at least the main keyword into the meta description. Make sure that it is used naturally and contextually. If possible and meaningful in terms of content, also include secondary keywords in the meta description.

#4: Place a call to action

Add a call to action to encourage users to click on the search result.

#5: Ensure uniqueness

Like the meta title, the meta description should also be unique in terms of content. Due to the higher character capacity compared to the meta title, there is more scope to make the meta description stand out in terms of content.

Existing SERP snippets should only be re-optimized in conjunction with the Google Search Console. The Google Search Console provides key figures such as click rates, impressions and rankings - all key figures that are required for a subsequent snippet comparison.

  1. Make a note of your old meta snippet and its key figures before optimizing.
  2. Enter the URL of the relevant page in the SERP snippet generator and click on "Check URL".
  3. Change the meta title and meta description according to your wishes and store them on your website.
  4. Make a note of a control date on which you compare the key figures of the old and new snippets.

Note box: We recommend that you only adjust one thing each time you optimize an existing SERP snippet. This allows you to precisely track the effect of the respective optimization measure and react appropriately.

Both generators are almost identical. The woodpecker snippet generator has a special quality feature: The tool offers the additional option of improving the meta title and meta description using artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, paid GPT-4 version) free of charge. As a result, the generator promotes better results. The Sistrix snippet generator, on the other hand, has no AI integration.

The Seobility snippet generator performs the worst in comparison to the Woodpecker and Sistrix generators, as it does not provide any special characters for snippet optimization, among other things.

Google always tries to display the most relevant snippet in relation to the user's search query. If the Google algorithm determines that parts of the content of your page are more relevant to the search query than the meta snippet you have specified, Google can use an excerpt of this content.

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