SEO Glossary: SEA

In a nutshell: What is SEA?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is part of online marketing and includes the placement of advertisements in search engine networks. The ads created and booked are displayed directly in the SERPS (search engine results) are displayed.

What is SEA?

The full meaning of SEA is "Search Engine Advertising" and translates as search engine advertising. It is an important component of SEM(search engine marketing). However, the two are by no means the same thing!


This refers to the placement of advertisements on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The advantage of SEA is that ads can be displayed for clearly defined search queries. For example, an ad is only displayed in the SERPs if a prospective customer enters the keyword "refrigerator in silver". The ad is then displayed.


Alternatively, SEA is also known as "keyword advertising", "search ads" and "sponsored links".


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How does search engine advertising work?

In order to operate SEA (Search Engine Advertising), you first need to register with the relevant advertising network, such as Google Ads.


Here you now have the option to create one or more campaigns with corresponding ads. In addition, the ads can be adapted to different target groups.



  • For which keywords should the ads be played?


  • What should be the maximum price for a click when a prospect clicks on the ad?



A link to a landing page is then defined for each ad. This is where the user lands after clicking on the ad.


Last but not least, you only need to specify how high your daily budget is. For example, you can specify that you want to spend a maximum of €50 per day on your ad(s). It is also possible to set a maximum monthly budget.



Important to know: If several advertisers book ads for a keyword, a kind of auction takes place. The one who bids the most per click is displayed high up in the SERP ads.


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Important targeting options for ads:


  • For which keyword should the ads be displayed?


  • What language should the prospect have?


  • From which region should the prospective customer come?


  • How old should the interested party be?


  • What gender should the prospect be?


  • Should the ads only be output on a certain day and at a certain time?


  • On which devices should the output take place (desktop and/or mobile devices)?


  • Should retargeting also be included?


Why does it make sense to place search engine advertising?

In the meantime, a large proportion of interested parties use the Internet and search engines to inquire about various information. This includes products, services and information about companies.


This makes it all the more important to position yourself here and create ads for individual or multiple keywords. SEA is ideally suited here to address specific target groups and to define with great precision where the output is to take place. Accordingly, it is ensured to address exactly the right target group.


Consequently, visibility and reach increase, which can result in more leads and sales.

Conclusion: What is SEA?

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is an excellent way to address specific target groups and gain reach and visibility. It is therefore an important part of online marketing. With the help of advertisements, attention is thus drawn to products, services and other information.

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