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In a nutshell: What is the E-A-T?

E-A-T is an acronym and at the same time a model, which serves as orientation. It helps to understand how Google evaluates individual page content. Consequently, it is much easier to optimize your website content.


What exactly is E-A-T?


A closer look at the E-A-T acronym shows that it is divided into the following parameters:


  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness - Authority
  • Trustworthiness - Trust


The E-A-T model helps website owners and content specialists understand what is particularly important to Google when it comes to content. Those who follow the E-A-T model create a thoroughly positive web experience for their users. And this is also how Google's algorithm is structured.


The following is an insight into the individual parameters:


  • Expertise: Does a provider or author have sufficient expertise when publishing content on their website? This is exactly where expertise comes into play. Because only if high-quality high-quality texts are published, Google will appreciate it. This includes content that is complete and covers a topic in depth. If topics are presented in a slimmed-down way, there is a high probability that they will rank worse.


  • Authoritativeness: In addition to quality, authority also plays an important role. The more credible operators or authors are, the better. If, for example, a doctor publishes medical texts, he or she will be awarded plus points. If, on the other hand, he is from a different field, he tends to be rated worse.


  • Trustworthiness: Last but not least, trust is also important. On the one hand, the page content should be trustworthy. If information here is outdated or incorrect, the ranking can suffer. However, trust is also linked to security. Can visitors feel safe on the website? For example, they get a sense of security by connecting with an SSL CERTIFICATE encrypted.


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Why is E-A-T so important?

Those who follow the golden rules of the E-A-T model are one step ahead of many others. If users make a query in Google and do not find the appropriate content according to the search query, they turn around and look elsewhere. Accordingly, Google takes care to let other websites take precedence.


For this reason, it is important and sensible to take a close look at the E-A-T.


How can you improve your ranking with E-A-T?


Below are some tips to improve rankings using E-A-T:


  • If content is less in line with the E-A-T, it makes sense to revise it or set it up again.


  • Page content should be maintained at regular intervals and kept up to date


  • Arrange professionals and experts in a field to write an informative and professional article


  • Link out of posts to other professional posts that also deal with the subject matter


  • Establish authority by creating and revising the "About Us" page. Also, present it here in a professional and detailed way.


  • Who are your authors, what expertise do they have and what does their career look like? Create appropriate author profiles and link them to your articles.


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Conclusion on E-A-T

With the help of the E-A-T model, website owners can understand quite well what Google has in mind when it comes to content. Even if E-A-T seems a bit more complicated at first glance, it is a matter of practice and regularity until individual steps are in place and become a matter of course.


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