SEO Basics & SEO Laws for Beginners 2020

Everywhere you read nowadays that you only need the right "mindset" and success will practically come by itself. Of course, it's not that simple - especially not when it comes to SEO. No website has ever made it to number 1 on Google by thinking alone. However, it can be helpful to deal with the three principles that most strongly influence the success of search engine optimization:

In the following, I will explain to you what these three factors are all about and why they represent the SEO success laws, one could also speak of natural laws.

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SEO Success Law #1: The Time

Search engine optimization takes time. Both ONPAGE OPTIMIZATION and OFFPAGE OPTIMIZATION need their time to be carried out at all. And then the measures also need their time to become effective. 

Furthermore: A fresh website must first establish itself and build trust before an attractive ranking is conceivable. If you don't have staying power, you can forget about SEO.

Maybe you already have a goal where you want to go with your site one day?

 On the way there, however, there are still many stumbling blocks, detours and dead ends - gladly also in the form of updates to the ranking algorithm. 

If you make an effort and make the right decisions, the ranking of your website will stabilize in the front area over time. However, there is never a guarantee of success.

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SEO Success Law #2: The precision

Successful search engine optimization requires accuracy. This starts with the correct labeling of OVERWRITING (H1 TO HX) and ends with the targeted control of the linkjuice.
Who works inaccurately, will not be successful in the long term - especially since the competition does not sleep and is certainly permanently working on the improvement of their own page.

Therefore, it is important to always put the flawlessness of the search engine optimization to the test and to also deal with small construction sites, because just these can make the difference. Furthermore, don't be tempted to run after one SEO trend after the next'.

The central interest of search engines will always be to present the user with the most relevant and helpful pages that match his search query. Of course, there are sometimes technical things that change at Google & Co. Then, of course, you have to react and make appropriate adjustments. 

Tricks & hacks that you can read about in some places are probably more harmful in the long run and destroy the precise SEO foundation that you have painstakingly built.

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SEO Success Law #3: The continuity

Many SEOs first sit back and relax and want to reap the rewards of success when the page finally appears in the front area of the rankings. But even then, when your page is listed at number 1 on Google & Co, you still have to stay on the ball.

SEO is a continuous process and always requires work. The content - that is, what you offer the user - must be regularly updated. In addition, in addition to the evergreen topics, there are certainly always current things that you should focus on.

OFFPAGE you also have to keep an eye on the performance of your site. For example, the backlink profile must be checked regularly so that harmful and outdated links can not cause any damage.

Moreover, anyone who is serious about search engine optimization does not just react, but always works with foresight. It takes a lot of experience to take the right measures and even more experience to anticipate the next steps.

But SEO is not only a continuous working process, but also a permanent learning process. Those who accept that you always have to keep up with the current state of affairs have a good chance of success. Lazy SEOs, on the other hand, will in the long term with your page from the scene

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Everything you just read in my post, you already knew if you have dealt with SEO before. The problem is that you still haven't really managed to achieve your goals the way you wanted. 

In doing so, I take myself by my own nose:

In many ways, I'm also not yet fully into the implementation. For 2 years I already want to build a blog . For 2 years I already want to produce videos. Only now I have them.

Talking about SEO vs. doing SEO. I think you know what I'm getting at.

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