SEO Glossary: Google Maps - Everything you need to know!

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In a nutshell: What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is not only great for navigating from A to B by car. The map service also links companies and local businesses with the online world. One way to generate new prospects and customers is with the help of Google Maps Marketing.

What is Google Maps?

When Google Maps first opened its doors, users could browse through the digital maps and were fascinated by the satellite images. Over the years, more and more new functions were added, so that Google Maps is now used every day. "OK Google, navigate me to Berlin" is just one useful function.

Google Maps is now the most widely used mapping app in the world. There has also been a lot of progress in terms of marketing, making the service particularly interesting for local stores and companies.

This gives users the option of having a good restaurant in the area displayed. The navigation to the restaurant is available right on top. If interested parties are also looking for a special store for fishing accessories, for example, they will also receive the corresponding results here.

That means: For local business people Google Maps is essential nowadays. Here, business owners enter all the important information from their business and thus get more reach. And the bottom line is more prospects and consequently customers. Google Maps Marketing also plays an important role here.

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What is Google Maps Marketing?

When a business owner or marketer uses Google Maps Marketing, they are creating an important interface between the local business and the search engine. This is because more and more users are now using local search queries to look for specific products, services or businesses in the area.

With targeted marketing measures there is the possibility to make it into the top search results. Google Maps Marketing is not only suitable for large companies. Small businesses can also increase their reach and thereby increase their customer base.

How to integrate businesses and stores into Google Maps?

To get started with Google Maps Marketing and integrate your own company or business, the first step is to create a GOOGLE MY BUSINESS account is required.

Subsequently, the entry of the business/company already takes place. Here, all entries and information about the company or local store are to be made.


These include:


  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Website
  • Photos of the company
  • Detailed description of the store
  • And more...


Even the smallest details like free Wi-Fi available in the store are useful here.


Tip: Positive customer reviews can also be quite useful for attracting curious eyes in Google Maps results. You don't have any reviews yet? Then kindly ask your regular customers to do so.

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Conclusion on Google Maps

If owners of a business or local store are not yet registered on Google Maps, they should take care of it as soon as possible. Marketing offers many possibilities and opportunities in this area. Once your own company is included, you can significantly increase your reach and new customers.


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