SEO Glossary: Google My Business

In a nutshell: What is Google My Business?

The Google My Business user interface contains all the important tools needed for organic local search engine optimization are useful. Here, local businesses and companies enter their business data to be displayed in the SERPs and found via Google.


What is Google My Business?

In Google My Business, owners of a company or local business enter all important information. The business is then displayed in search engine results and on Google Maps, along with information such as opening hours, website and address.


For this purpose, Google My Business includes various useful tools to increase visibility and reach in the organic local search results. If companies do not yet have their own Google My Business account and do not perform local SEO, they should do so as soon as possible.


After all, the majority of potential customers now use Google to find out more about companies, products and services. It doesn't matter whether they are looking for a fish restaurant, a bicycle repair shop or an organic bakery.


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What can Google my Business do?

If business owners would like to make a Google My Business entry, they are offered all sorts of things. Here there is the possibility to enter all information and data of the own business. All this contributes to the fact that Google and prospective customers can make themselves an exact picture.


So it is all the more important to enter all the properties and information about your own company or business.


These include:


  • What is the name of the company?
  • What exactly does it offer?
  • When is the store open?
  • How can it be reached?
  • What do other customers say about the offer? (reviews)
  • If all important information has been filled out appealingly and completely, the Google My Business entry can already be included in the search engine index. And this is done within a very short time.


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Does Google my Business cost anything?

No, Google My Business is completely free of charge. This applies to both the registration of the Google My Business account, as well as the entry of all company data.


Only in the time to create and maintain the company profile must be invested a little. But the bottom line is that the work pays off twice and three times over.

Can a Google my Business listing improve my ranking?

Yes, with the right entries and measures there is definitely the possibility to improve the ranking. However, there is no secret recipe for this.


It is much more important that all the information and data entered are relevant. Only in this way can Google recognize that it really is a fish store and that the needs of the users are covered here.


Activities and signals such as events, new and regular image uploads also play a crucial role. In addition, local BACKLINKS and brand signals ensure that the ranking can improve. So here it is called: Always stay on the ball!


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Conclusion: What is Google My Business?

For companies and local businesses, a Google My Business entry is indispensable. All important and relevant information about the business is entered here. Consequently, the reach in the SERPs which can mean more customers. But also in Local SEO plays Google My Business plays an important role.

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