SEO Glossary: Google Gemini

In a nutshell: What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is an AI model that was developed by Google DeepMind. Like the AI language model, the original Google chatbot Bard has since been given the name Gemini and enriched with many functions.


The language model can analyze, generate and link multimodal content, including texts, audio files, program codes, images and videos.


What can Google's multimodal AI model Gemini do?


Google's new language model seems to be convincing:


In tests, Google Gemini AI achieved an MMLU value of 90 %, clearly outperforming well-known competitors such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.


This benchmark stands for Massive Multitask Language Understanding. It describes the problem-solving capabilities and general world knowledge of AI language models in areas such as mathematics, physics, humanities and social sciences or history.


What is special about Google's Gemini is that the artificial intelligence was trained from the outset to process multimodal content. The language model can therefore answer huge amounts of data and several tasks simultaneously in different formats. Here are some examples of the possible applications of Google Gemini AI:


  • Summarize large data sets
  • Understanding the context of multimedia formats
  • answer complex questions
  • Justify answers multimodally (text, program code, images & audio)
  • Understanding programming languages & generating codes (Python, JavaScript, C++, Go)
  • Learn languages
  • and much more.


These functions are particularly interesting for companies that want to automate their processes and spend less time on customer service or performance analysis. They benefit from Gemini's ability to understand complex relationships and learn new things quickly.


We will explain how Google Gemini 1.0 can also contribute to your SEO success later in this article.


Since May 2024 in Germany: Gemini extensions for Google Apps


Private users also benefit from Google Gemini - especially since May 2024, as the AI language model can now also be linked to a large number of Google services in Germany and other countries. If users agree to the link, Gemini scans huge amounts of data from applications such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube & Co. at lightning speed in order to answer prompts satisfactorily.


For example, are you looking for an important date that you photographed or that was sent to you by email? Or do you want to find out on which date all your friends are free? Gemini simultaneously searches through your emails and photos to find appointments, agreements and more. You can also have Google suggest free dates or entire vacation plans including hotels, flights and excursion destinations.


The Gemini extension for Google Apps is also a milestone for business purposes. For example, general customer satisfaction can be recorded more quickly by analyzing customer emails in Gmail, while the language model immediately suggests suitable response options. Appointments of different employees can be easily synchronized to plan events.


Even marketing campaigns can be optimized with the help of Google Gemini. You can find out more about the possible uses of Google Gemini AI for companies in this article.


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Google Gemini vs. ChatGPT & Co.: Can AI hold its own?


But is Google Gemini AI really as powerful as it sounds? Although the Bard chatbot in particular received a lot of criticism, the optimizations seem to have borne fruit. Above all, the ability to process, link and generate speech seems to be very satisfactory in this AI language model. The reason for this is the development based on several language models such as LaMDA and PaLM 2.


In tests, other large language models (LLM) such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, Microsoft Copilot and the predecessor chatbot Bard were mostly behind Google's Gemini. The Ultra version of Google Gemini, for example, outperformed 30 out of 32 AI models in academic benchmarks.


Here are the comparative results of the benchmarks MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding), MMMU (Massive Multi-discipline Multimodal Understanding), MATH (Measuring Mathematical Problem Solving) and MGSM (Multilingual Grade School Math):


MMLU benchmark (questions and problem solutions from 57 specialist areas) MMMU-Benchmark (multidisciplinary tasks from art, business, science & co.) MATH-Benchmark (Mathematical problem solving in 5 difficulty levels & 7 categories) MGSM benchmark (mathematical problem solving at primary school level in 11 languages)
Google Gemini Ultra (Google Gemini) 90,04 % 59,4 % 53,2 % 79,0 %
GPT-4 (ChatGPT) 87,29 % 56,8 % 52,9 % 74,5 %
PaLM 2-L (Google Bard) 78,4 % - 34,4 % 74,7 %



Another particularly impressive feature of the Gemini language model is its data processing. In future, Google Gemini 1.5 Pro will be able to process up to 1 million tokens! This would put the AI miles ahead of its competitors.


For comparison:


ChatGPT's LLM GPT-4 can currently process a maximum of 32,000 tokens; the Google Gemini versions currently available in most countries have a similar token limit.


We would now like to introduce you to the three versions.


The 3 versions of Google Gemini 1.0


The first generation of the AI language model Google Gemini, which is available in Germany, is available in three versions. These have been developed for different areas of application and performance levels so that private individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies and developers can benefit from Google's artificial intelligence.


The entry-level model: Google Gemini Nano


The nano version of Google's Gemini voice model is a fairly slim AI model that is optimized for use with mobile devices. It is more reminiscent of a chatbot than an intelligent voice assistant, as only local tasks can be carried out on the device.


The advantage of this is that the nano version also runs without a connection to the Google Cloud network and is therefore suitable for devices with weak computing power and internet connection. And that's what Google Gemini Nano can do:


  • Summarize audio recordings (with recorder app)
  • Suggestions for replies to text messages (initially via WhatsApp)
  • Reliable, grammatical correction of messages
  • Optimization & improved night mode for video recordings
  • Control programs on the device (open / close / adjust settings)
  • Automate tasks on the device (e.g. send messages)


The first and so far only smartphone to support the local nano version of Google's AI language model is the Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone; however, more devices are set to follow.


For SMEs: Google Gemini Pro


Google Gemini Pro is probably the perfect choice for SMEs that want to automate and speed up their processes. For example, the Pro version of Google Gemini helps with:


  • Brainstorming for designs, marketing campaigns & other creative projects
  • Summarize & translate long texts or emails
  • Generating text, images & audio for content marketing
  • Understanding, analyzing & generating simple to moderately difficult program codes
  • Optimizing search queries & answering complex questions


Although Google Gemini Pro is not the most powerful version of the language model, it is extremely popular among SMEs. When combined with the benefits of the Gemini extensions for Google Apps, Gemini Pro is able to design and automate processes much more efficiently.


However, anyone wishing to gain access to Google Gemini 1.0 Pro must be placed on a waiting list or apply for access to the AI through a Google Cloud Partner Program.


For large companies: Google Gemini Ultra


Google Gemini 1.0 Ultra is the perfect choice for large companies and developers. And this version of the AI language model is capable of this:


  • Linking complex issues & multimodal input formats
  • Draw conclusions & create long-term, strategic plans
  • Understand different programming languages & complex codes
  • Generate new program codes on the basis of specifications & commands
  • Data-based development of business and content strategies
  • Brainstorming for creative ideas that fit the concept


Private customers can currently only access Google Gemini 1.0 Ultra via Google Advanced, which is included in the Google One AI Premium subscription. For €21.99 per month, you get the benefits of the powerful Gemini version as well as 2 TB of storage space for Google Photos, Drive and Gmail.


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Advantages of the Google Gemini language model for companies


In addition to Google Advanced, companies can also access Gemini Ultra via Google Workspace: Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise. In addition to access to the highest performance level of Google Gemini, these AI versions also offer special security and data protection provisions for companies.


We at Specht GmbH would now like to give you some examples of how you can use Google Gemini's artificial intelligence for a wide range of marketing and sales tasks and improve customer service.


Optimize marketing tasks with Google Gemini


Marketing is the figurehead of a company and therefore essential for attracting new leads and customers. Thanks to Google Gemini's ability to learn and understand, the AI language model helps you to create new content that is perfectly tailored to your marketing. For example, you can use Google Gemini for Workspace to


  • Writing / optimizing product descriptions, advertising texts, blog posts & co.
  • Brainstorm & gather inspiration for marketing campaigns
  • Plan & flexibly adapt project processes in tables
  • Analyze target groups by evaluating online behavior & customer data
  • Analyze the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Identify strengths of competitor products & own weaknesses
  • Automate social media and email accounts


Google Gemini helps to make sales more efficient


Google's AI language model can also be used to make sales tasks more efficient. The sales team can save a lot of time on routine tasks and invest more time in lead generation and the retention of qualified leads. Google Gemini for Workspace helps with, for example:


  • Summaries of important information from large files & documents
  • Creating tables with information on qualified leads
  • Analysis & identification of potential new leads
  • Automatic, personalized responses to emails
  • Creation & optimization of information material, presentations, mails, postings & Co.
  • Creation of relevant sales content, e.g. for training the sales team


To get more out of your Google Assistant in the future, it is particularly helpful to switch to Google applications and services, e.g. Google Docs, Gmail & Co.


How Google Gemini can improve customer service


Google Gemini can also be used flexibly in customer service to improve customer satisfaction holistically in the future. The language model offers the following options, among others:


  • Replay customer requests in a nutshell & create to-do lists
  • Create templates for responses & send automatically
  • Create your own chatbots using API access to Google Gemini
  • Automatically transcribe the content of calls
  • Improve the sound and video quality of calls
  • Optimize program codes on your own website


Of course, when using artificial intelligence in your company, you should always bear in mind that AI can also be flawed and distortions may occur when evaluating long data sets. Therefore, do not rely completely on the work of Google Gemini and check the answers regularly.


Security gaps should also be checked and excluded at all points in the interests of data protection. Think carefully about which data is confidential and should not be processed using AI. Communicate the use of AI transparently to employees and customers.


Can Google Gemini be used for SEO purposes?


The ability to process large data sets and text volumes with Google's Gemini means that the AI language model is also suitable for search engine optimization.


Simply enter texts from competitor websites and search them for relevant keywords using Google Gemini. Not only will you find the keywords, you can even have them checked for relevance.


After the keyword analysis, you can either have Google Gemini create texts on the desired topics or optimize existing texts. These are now automatically provided with the keywords and only need to be optimized for readability. Thanks to its large processing capacity and computing power, Google Gemini ensures largely error-free grammar and spelling.


In addition to keyword optimization, you can also use Google Gemini AI for technical SEO and link building:


Identify backlinks on competitor sites and track link building campaigns by analyzing your data sets.


To improve user-friendliness and therefore your SEO rankings, you can have Google Gemini identify and fix faulty program codes. The AI language model ensures better core web vitals, for example faster loading and response times for your website.


Criticism of Gemini: improvements to be expected here


Google Gemini is no longer just a chatbot, but a genuine AI assistant that offers many advantages for private and business purposes. Nevertheless, the language model has also received some criticism in the past. Incorrect and completely arbitrary responses to simple tasks (so-called "hallucinations") were commonplace, especially in the Bard chatbot.


However, the development from the Bard chatbot to the Gemini assistant is already visible and there should be fewer and fewer errors in the future: The AI is learning and should be able to process up to 1 million tokens in the future. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always critically scrutinize and check the answers provided by artificial intelligence such as Google Gemini.


The language model has also been rather negative in terms of image generation - Google Gemini overshot the mark with its claim to depict the most diverse people possible. Instead, morally questionable images were played out that were anything but "woke" and conveyed neither diversity nor tolerance.


The AI model has so far completely refused the prompt to create an image of white people. These shortcomings are now to be rectified so that Google can better express its ethical principles and wokeness in future. Until then, the generation of images of people in the language model will remain blocked.




Google Gemini marks a significant step in the development of artificial intelligence. With its ability to process multimodal content and solve complex tasks, it clearly sets itself apart from competitors such as ChatGPT.


Particularly in the area of enterprise applications, Gemini opens up a wide range of possibilities for automating processes and optimizing marketing and sales tasks.


The introduction of Gemini extensions for Google Apps also enables private users to use and process data in new ways.


However, despite Google Gemini's impressive performance, criticism of the accuracy and ethics of the model remains, particularly in relation to incorrect responses and problematic image generation. It remains to be seen how the model will develop and what improvements can be made in the future.

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