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Learn how you as a local business owner can generate relevant new customer inquiries in 5 weeks with Local SEO in the live practical example.

Already over 20 participants could build their expertise through my SEO course. Benefit from over 5 exciting modules and input-rich live calls & case studies. The best time to learn SEO is NOW!

Already more than 20+ participants. Read feedback.
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The chance With your ["Service + City"]

The chance With

Your ["Service + City"]

Keyword All Top

To stand

Keyword To Stand On Top

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Reach #1 in Map Pack & Organic Search!
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Reach #1 on YouTube!
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Be visible in and around your city!

You are a local entrepreneur and want more local customers for your service? Then our Local SEO course is the right choice for you.

We are the SEO Freelancer Team Timo Specht and have been SEO experts in Munich for 5 years. During this time we were able to generate hundreds of customer inquiries organically, i.e. without Google Ads, through Local SEO .

So far, we have been performing Local SEO as a service for our clients. Since our resources are limited and we can't help everyone, we decided to make our Local SEO tactics available to you in a step-by-step online video course. 

In our course we show you our entire Local SEO expert knowledge - over-the-shoulder in simple explanatory videos. We really don't hold back any knowledge. Promise yourself and us that you will implement all the steps we teach you. Only in this way - and we really mean only in this way - will you reach your goal.


The 4 Benefits Of The SEO Video Course At A Glance

The 4 Benefits Des

SEO video course

At a glance

I. Live Local SEO Project We Build With You

We don't hold back knowledge. In over-the-shoulder screencasts, you'll see step-by-step how we build a new Local SEO project.

II. local SEO reduced to the really essentials

The key to success is that you put our knowledge to work for you. Our concern is to keep you happy in appetizing chapters with focus.

III. Private FB Group & Continuous Support

You are not alone. You get access to the private Facebook group where we share our experiences with all course participants. There are also monthly live Q&A calls about Local SEO.

IV. Years of Local SEO experience properly bundled

In our course you get over 5 years of expert knowledge in less than three hours. You will get the important 10% that make up 90% of your Local SEO success.

Satisfied Coaching & Course Participants Report About The

Course participants reports

About The Positives

Experience with

my SEO course

Positive experience about our course

Our students achieve outstanding results for themselves and their clients. Convince yourself of the voices of successful course participants now!

Carlheinz Bartsch

"Timo & his SEO agency in Munich was able to rank us first for one of our focus keywords in the area of real estate agents within 8 weeks - both organically and with Google My Business in the maps. The measures were additionally supported with relevant Google Ads. We appreciate the professional communication & reliable implementation in the cooperation."

Christian Mazilu

"Very good expertise. Pleasant personality with very good understanding of e-commerce SEO and content. Absolutely Up2Date. Are very satisfied in the collaboration. Absolutely recommend for companies as well as self-employed who want to sustainably advance your business."

Michael Wunderlich
"Many thanks Timo to you and your team for the sympathetic, perfect and extremely professional support in SEO and SEA from the first day, every day. You are immediately on the spot when you are needed. My expectations were exceeded by far! Absolute recommendation from me to everyone! THANK YOU!"
Ulrike Eder
"We are very grateful that we came across Timo. The consultation was very pleasant and competent. Timo was perfect for our needs and took our sea skills to the next level. Clear recommendation! "
Luke Uhl

"We have been working with Timo and his team for >2 years now. The joint work is very professional and straightforward. Timo's consulting activities are extremely value-adding and prepared in a way that is understandable even for laypersons. Highly recommended!"

Kelsey Nielsen
I worked with Timo on an SEO content audit as well as consulting him on a few SEO-related technical and logistical questions. He is a clear subject matter expert, provided a great audit with clear next steps, and was able to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again! "

What advantages our SEO online course brings you

What Our SEO Online

Course for advantages brings

Our SEO online course will make you an absolute SEO expert! Get more clarity about the essential ranking factors and generate above-average results for you and your customers.

More clarity

Through our SEO course, you will have more clarity in the future on what you need to do and when to move forward.

Experts Know-How

You benefit from years of expert know-how and hundreds of case studies that show you exactly how to do it right.

80/20 principle

We work exclusively according to the 80/20 principle and give you the 80% that are really relevant for your ranking.

Onpage expertise

With our support, you will master the onpage SEO field and become an absolute expert.

Offpage expertise

Even in the controversial off-page SEO area, you will learn how exactly link building works and what you need to pay attention to.


You will get to know other SEO's from the community and be able to build a wide network of experts.

Live Calls

In regular live calls, we discuss individual questions and exchange ideas on SEO topics together.

Question flat rate

If you have individual questions, we are always available and happy to help you.


We work exclusively results-oriented and teach you the things that really have an impact on the ranking.

For Whom The SEO Course Is Suitable

For Whom The SEO Course

Suitable Is

And For Whom He Is Not

Suitable Is

And For Whom It Is Not Suitable

Our SEO course is not for everyone. You should have patience, because SEO is a marathon. Whether you're a local business or an agency, we'll help you get to the next SEO level.

For whom this course is RIGHT:

For whom this course is NOT right

Testimonial of some SEO course participants

Testimonial unifier

SEO course participants

Video testimonials are the best way to show what our SEO course can do for you. Watch testimonials from satisfied course participants now!

I Have Learned A Lot Of New Things

I Have A Lot

New Learned

Clear recommendation

A Clear Recommendation

Dominik Kienzle - SEO Freelancer from Munich

For me, meeting with you guys is the coolest professional event of the month. Thanks again for sharing all your tips. I've already implemented them!

Missing community

Too often on my own as a freelancer. Desire for more community & motivation.

HIGH 3 Course

SEO video course for new knowledge base in conjunction with monthly live calls.

Motivation & Trust

New strategies from the video course and regular live calls for new confidence and motivation in the SEO process.

Over 5 modules Make you an SEO expert

About 5 modules Make

You To SEO Expert

Over 5 modules will shape you into an SEO expert! In addition, we have exciting live calls and you will receive support via a private Facebok group.

Welcome to the course

In the introductory module we welcome you to the start of the Local SEO course. We are very pleased that you are joining us. Here you will get an overview of the structure and the course as well as the objectives.


The systematics of Local SEO

In Module 1, we explain the Local SEO ranking factors, what the goal of Local SEO is and how the individual optimization factors add up to an overall picture. We visualize the desired result that we want to achieve with the course.


Onpage Local SEO

In module 2 you will get an efficient onpage optimization checklist. You can apply this to both subpages and blog posts at the same time. In addition, we show you how you should design your home page in the local area and which Onpage special rules apply to Local SEO.


Offpage Local SEO

I know from experience that pages with industry-relevant links tend to rank better than websites with many links that are not related to the topic or websites with only a few links. In Module 3, I'll show you how to strengthen the authority of your site with a strong, relevant and natural link profile.


Google My Business (GMB) SEO

The Google My Business entry is worth its weight in gold in local search. On average, 42% of search queries land on the local GMB entry. That's exactly why it's so important to appear here in the popular Google Maps trifecta, the area between Google Ads and organic search.


YouTube SEO

YouTube is Google's little sister. Both communicate with each other and strengthen each other. With video content on YouTube, you not only increase your reach in the world's second largest search engine, but also strengthen your authority on Google.

The smart link - High 3

A smart optimized website + a well maintained GMB entry + keyword relevant videos about your service, together mean HIGH3. In the last module I show you how to achieve the best possible visibility from all channels and how they strengthen each other.


What bonuses await you

I have thought of something special to help you with these bonuses in the best possible way. My primary concern is to take you by the hand in the long term and to develop the content continuously.


New videos regularly

This way you will always get new knowledge in the years to come and stay up to date.


Monthly Live Q&A in the Private Course Group

We meet in monthly groups Calls.

About The SEO Expert Timo Specht

About The SEO

Experts Timo Specht

Timo Specht is a passionate online marketing freelancer in Munich. Together with his team, he has been successfully ranking websites for several years and has been able to help hundreds of customers with SEO and especially Local SEO.

For more than 1.5 years, www.timospecht.de has been on the most visible positions of the search engine in Google My Business, Google organic and YouTube organic for highly competitive keywords, including "SEO Munich".

What motivates Timo the most? Helping on!

His goal is to make SME's more visible while transparently transferring knowledge to entrepreneurs.

In addition to imparting knowledge, it is at least as important to make knowledge easy to consume & apply - this results in IMPLEMENTATION.

Guido Coenen
GC Digital Printing House Munich

Timo is one of the best experts I know for search engine optimization. In his course, he imparts valuable knowledge that you can definitely use to become an SEO expert." 

Dominik Kienzle
SEO Freelancer from Munich

"For me, meeting with you guys is the coolest professional event of the month. Thanks again for sharing all your tips. Have already implemented it!

Registration For Our SEO Course

Registration To Our

SEO Online Course

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the SEO course now! You can choose between a one-time payment or 3 installments.


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Please fill out the contact form with your data. Formulate your request in one sentence, so that we know immediately what your project is about. 

After successful submission you will be redirected to the calendar where you can choose a free slot with our team.


Free initial consultation

In the first meeting we get to know each other. We find out what your starting position is and what goals you would like to achieve.
If we can help you further, we arrange a detailed strategy discussion afterwards.


Fill out contact form

In a personal 1:1 strategy meeting we take 45 minutes for your individual SEO strategy and show you the growth potential. At the end of the conversation you will receive a customized offer, how we can achieve your goals.

Already more than 20+ participants. Read feedback.

Still Not Convinced Of The Course?

Still Not

Convinced by the course?

Well-known companies already trust us


Company Trust

Us Already

You still doubt? Take a look at the well-known companies we have already worked with successfully!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

& Answers To Us &

Our SEO course

About Us & Our SEO Online Course

Gold right. The Local SEO course is aimed at anyone with a brick-and-mortar retail store, office, practice, bar, etc. Any business that receives local customers.

Yes and no. Although some SEO measures also correspond to e-commerce measures, it would not be appropriate at this point. This course focuses on pure Local SEO.

Yes, we will provide you with updates from the Local SEO world in the Backend course.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you have a finished website or a website under construction. Without a website you will not be able to implement all the actions but only those related to your Google My Business listing.

The course fee is due once or three times if you have chosen to pay in installments. After that you will have lifetime access to the course and will also receive all future updates.

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