SEO Glossary: Business directory - everything you need to know!

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In a nutshell: What is a business directory?

Whether startups or established companies: Entries in a business directory are by no means to be neglected and offer the opportunity to generate interested parties and new customers in the long term. At the same time, they offer the advantage of increasing the company's reach.

Why are entries in business directories useful?

The Yellow Pages used to be the sole top dog when it came to searching for companies and service providers. Today, there are far more yellow pages, directories and catalogs on the Internet. Listing your own company here increases the chance of increasing your reach and generating potential new customers.

The best examples are the classic Yellow Pages or DasTelefonbuch. But also Google's own business directory GOOGLE MYBUSINESS is also an excellent place to make an entry.

Advantages of a business directory at a glance:

  • If potential customers are looking for a company or want to find out more about a business, the business directory delivers corresponding results. In both cases, the visibility of a company is increased.
  • When a business directory listing is made, local mentions help provide relevant information to search engines like Google. This can deliver interested parties and potential customers from the immediate vicinity and is also an important ranking factor.
  • An online business directory also has advantages in terms of SEO. Because here there is the possibility to set a link to your own website. This creates a new backlink. With many business directories, the entry of the domain is even free of charge. If not, pay attention to the quality of the page. Is the business directory well listed on Google and Co.


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What should I keep in mind when it comes to yellow pages?

Not only the entry in the business directory itself brings advantages. If certain points are taken into account during the entry, this can have positive effects on the search engine optimization have. For this reason, it is important to ensure consistent spelling when entering a company in several business directories.

The following data are indispensable:

  • Company name
  • Location
  • Street and house number
  • Phone number
  • Website from the company or link to the online store
  • E-mail address


In order to generate potential customers, additional data is also recommended:

  • Description about the company
  • Enumeration of all services offered
  • Opening hours / Consultation dates
  • Preferred payment methods
  • Professional photos of the company, products, employees, etc.
  • Add videos (if available)
  • Linking to social media channels


Tip: If there is a change in the company, it should be corrected in all yellow pages in any case. This will avoid misunderstandings and problems on the part of prospective customers.


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Which digital business directories are available?

The Internet now offers a wide range of different online business directories. These include, among others:

  • Google MyBusiness
  • Yellow pages
  • Yelp
  • ThePhoneBook
  • YellowMap
  • The local
  • Yellow


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Conclusion about the business directory

For existing companies and startups, entries in business directories are indispensable nowadays. They offer an excellent opportunity to be found faster via search engines and also generate backlinks. When creating business directory entries, it is of vital importance to go into detail. This is the only way to ensure that you can be found under specific search terms, industries or regionally.

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