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In a nutshell: What is a Backlink Checker?

To achieve professional search engine optimization a backlink checker proves to be very useful. Among other things, it can be used to check the value of a domain when webmasters are looking for new BACKLINKS are looking for new BACKLINKS. But a backlink checker is also indispensable for identifying harmful links.



What is a backlink checker?

With a backlink checker, website owners keep an exact overview of their link profile. In addition, the tool provides enormous support when webmasters are looking for new relevant backlinks for their project.Because not all incoming backlinks automatically ensure that they deliver positive results in the long term. This is the case, for example, when websites with links have poor rankings or are penalized by search engines.


If such pages link to your own project, they can also lead to devaluations and ranking losses in the worst case.


A backlink checker shows the complete link profile at regular intervals. Which domains link to your own project? How valuable are these links? And which links have been added in the last 2 weeks. A backlink checker provides this and even more information.



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Why should you check backlinks?

Only if pages classified as trustworthy by search engines link to one's own domain, this is advantageous for one's own page. Especially when new websites have been created and do not yet have many incoming links, new backlinks can only be assessed with great difficulty or not at all.


Furthermore, it can happen that spam links hit the own ranking sensitively and in the worst case lead to a total loss. A backlink checker shows the value of a domain. This tells webmasters whether it is worth getting a backlink to their own domain. In addition, they can use it to identify harmful links that may be spam. If this is the case, such spam links can be reported afterwards.


The result: A long-term positive and successfully managed backlink profile, with only clean and high-quality links linking to your own site.


What are the advantages of a backlinks checker?


Below are crucial advantages of a backlink checker:


  • Checking and viewing all backlinks that link to your own project. Have there been any changes in the past? Which new backlinks have been added?


  • When searching for new backlink partners, the Backlink Checker helps to check the pages. Accordingly, the complete value is determined to find out whether a link is worthwhile or rather not.


  • If spam pages link to your own project in order to possibly harm the link profile, a backlink checker exposes them. Subsequently, it is possible to report all spam links to the search engines.


  • To learn more about the competitors who rank well, it helps to take a look at their link profile. Because a clean link profile also helps websites to rank successfully in the long term.



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Conclusion about Backlink Checker

With a backlink checker, website owners keep track of their inbound and outbound links. In the long run, they thus create a clean link profile that can contribute to a better ranking. This is how you find trustworthy domains that are positively evaluated by search engines.



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