SEO Glossary: Google Trends


In a nutshell: What is Google Trend?

Google Trends shows how many search queries were made in a specific period. At the same time, it shows how the search terms relate to the overall search volume volume. Trends therefore reflects the interest of users and is an excellent forecasting tool.

What is Google Trends?

There are often hot trends that search engine users look for on Google. For example, hot topics in politics, sports or movie stars. But which search terms and topics are searched for particularly frequently here, so that they are worthwhile for the creation of an article? Google Trends provides information about this.


In the online search tool Google Trends, interested parties enter any keyword, topic or phrases. In addition, there is the option to select a specific time period. The corresponding results are then displayed.


It is important to know: The search results are displayed in relation to the actual total search volume. In addition, the results can be filtered by country and region.


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How does Google Trends work?


Below are crucial and important features of Google Trends:


  • When searching for a specific search term on Google Trends, users can also filter by country and city. Sorting by time period is also possible. For example, it is possible to find out how the search term "SEO" is doing in one month for the city of Hanover.


  • In addition, categories can be selected to refine the search results. Thus, the keywords can be sorted by news, GOOGLE SHOPPING, YouTube or the image search.


  • The trends displayed by Google and thus announced search queries are not actual search queries. Rather, the trends in a particular category are a forecast of the direction in which a search query may go. This is therefore not actual data.


  • It is often helpful for bloggers and marketers to compare several search terms with each other. Of course, this is also possible with Google Trends. For example, it makes sense to enter a keyword and its variations or synonyms. Often, surprising results and trends emerge here.


What is the importance of Google Trends for SEO?

With Google Trends, SEOs and marketers identify potential keywords that will be increasingly searched for in the future. Websites such as online stores or blogs can be optimized for these keywords to get more traffic in the future.


However, it is important to ensure that the keywords are also relevant to the website. Here again, the filtering of the categories is useful, for example, to find certain keywords via Google Shopping.


However, Google Trends also helps to spot keywords with a declining forecast. They may be out of place and may not generate as much traffic in the future. Accordingly, they can be outsourced.


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Conclusion on Google Trends

SEOs, bloggers and marketers benefit greatly from Google Trends and get interesting forecasts to discover new potential keywords. But also keywords with a negative trend can be found. If desired, keywords can be filtered by categories, regions and specific time periods.



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