SEO Glossary: Citation Management

In a nutshell: What is Citation Management?

A citation management system helps to automatically check and modify entries in business directories. This not only provides a better overview, but also saves a lot of time.


What is Citation Management?

The creation of company profiles is nowadays indispensable in order to, for example to operate Local SEO and to be successful there. However, it is all the more important to regularly maintain all important information and data of a company and to keep it up to date.


A citation management system helps to create, maintain and update company profiles. Only a few clicks and entries are required, followed by automatic data synchronization.


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How does Citation Management work?

To perform citation management, the user logs into a central tool with its own BACKEND. This is where all company data and information is entered, managed and updated. If the data and information are entered in several directories, this is often done on 30 or more portals.


Here, the multi-location CMS helps to keep control over the numerous data and directories in a network.


Other crucial functions of a citation management:


  • Synchronization of data: The Citation Management Tool is coupled with relevant industry directories using interfaces. When changes are made, the data is synchronized immediately in real time, eliminating the need for manual changes.
  • Data cleanup: If Citation Management inadvertently discovers duplicate or older entries with incorrect data, cleanup occurs after confirmation. The aim is to keep company data consistent and error-free. In addition, duplicates are eliminated.
  • Consistent information: If citation management is used, company information and data in directories remain identical. This means, for example, that there are no deviations in the company name, address and telephone number. This is extremely important for sending positive ranking signals to search engines.
  • Integration of APIs: If the management tool is connected with APIs from Google and Co., data records are transferred to all systems with just one click and imported there 1:1. No further steps are required.


Does citation management help to increase rankings?

In order to rank positively in the long term with your own company website and directory entries, clear and consistent company profiles are indispensable. Citation management ensures that you gain reach, increase your ranking and thus generate more interested parties and customers at the same time. Here, especially with NAP data, exact correctness is very important.


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Conclusion: What is citation management?

To manage company profiles and their data professionally, a citation management is very important. In the case of multiple entries in numerous portals, it supports, among other things, the automatic creation, checking and, if necessary, modification of entries.

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