The most important local SEO ranking factors?

I have already explained to you how much POWER IN LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is and why especially the Google MyBusiness entry is enormously important.

In this article I would like to deepen the topic again and explain to you with which measures you can ensure a particularly HIGH VISIBILITY IN THE LOCAL GOOGLE SEARCH.

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Why different rules apply to Local SEO

You probably know the SEO SUCCESS SETTINGS and SEO Basics from my previous posts. Of course, these also apply to local search. However, Local SEO is a small science in itself.

Did you know that...

... a large part of the search queries can lead to very different results - depending on where the searcher is at the moment?

... pages without local optimization have little chance of landing in the directly visible area of the results for search queries with a local reference?

... 89% of all people make a search query at least once a week to find a local business?

Reason enough to look into the Local SEO ranking factors that will skyrocket your chances of a good ranking.

By the way, rankings in the front area are particularly relevant in local search, because on mobile devices, users often only see the top area - and most local searches are made on the go.

 New trends such as voice search ("Okay, Google! Show me restaurants near me!") could also make top rankings even more important.

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Factor #1: Lookalike reference of the website

In order to achieve a good ranking for local search queries (e.g. "locksmith Hamburg"), Google must first understand that you are really relevant for this region.

The following measures can help:

Factor #2 Boost Local Power

In the second step, you need to show Google that you are not only relevant to a particular region, but that your site deserves a place at the top of the rankings.

This is how you can increase your LOCAL SEO power:

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Factor #3 Improve User Experience

So far, you have done the duty so that Google classifies your page as relevant and worth showing. In order to really conquer the top places in the ranking, you also have to work hard on the user experience.

This is how you create a good user experience:

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