SEO Glossary: White Hat SEO

In a nutshell: What is White Hat SEO?

If webmasters and search engine optimizers use white hat SEO, they use "clean" measures for this. White hat SEO mainly refers to on-page optimization. This includes improving the structure, high-quality content and clean, natural linking.


What is White Hat SEO?

Those who adhere to white hat SEO have nothing to fear in terms of penalties or even complete de-indexing. This is because it includes all harmless and ethically correct measures to help a website rank higher in the SERPs.


Besides the White Hat SEO are also Grey Hat SEO and BLACK HAT SEO are also known. If website operators want to be successful in the long term and sustainably, it is not advisable to use such measures and to rely exclusively on White Hat SEO.


White Hat SEO concerns various areas such as the structure and content of a website. Such measures will be discussed later on.


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What are the advantages of white hat SEO?

The following are advantages that white hat SEO brings:


  • Security: If marketers and companies use white hat SEO, they are on the safe side. This is because it rules out penalties or complete deindexing. At the same time, there is no loss of traffic or sales.
  • Ethics: Many companies and SEOs don't want to bother with Gray and Black Hat SEO because they see it as ethically incorrect. They prefer to work clean and can proudly say that they have not used any reprehensible and questionable methods.
  • Costs: If White Hat SEO is practiced in the long term, there can be as good as no penalties, as already mentioned. Accordingly, such penalties do not have to be compensated for, for example, to remove spam links or to hire an SEO agency to "straighten out" the situation. This is much cheaper and saves costs!
  • More stability: If a website ranks in the SERPs through white hat SEO, it is far more stable. This is especially true in the long term, as it is very unlikely that penalties will occur in the future.


What measures does White Hat SEO include?

Various measures are available to carry out white hat SEO. These include


  • Keywords: Before starting on new projects or subpages, the first step is a keyword research is carried out. The keywords are then integrated into the content in a meaningful way (texts, meta information, imagesetc.). Questionable methods such as keyword stuffing have no place here.
  • OnPage optimizationHere, too, there is a great deal of need for optimization, for example to make the page navigation, search function and URL structure meaningful. This creates added value not only for search engines, but also for users.
  • Link: Also the link image must look clean and natural for White Hat SEO. Any link manipulations like spam links have no place here. Search engines expose such practices immediately and punish them.
  • Content: When it comes to content, the basic law applies: "Content is King"! Create high-quality content for your users that they like to consume. This way, you offer real added value and stand out from the competition. The search engines also reward you for this.


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Conclusion: What is white hat SEO?

If SEOs, companies and marketers want to rank well in the long term and not experience any nasty surprises, they rely on white hat SEO from the very beginning. This not only saves a lot of trouble, but also costs and work. In addition, it creates far more security.

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