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In a nutshell: What is Domain Popularity?

Domain popularity is an important indicator in search engine search engine optimization. It shows operators how strongly their website is linked.


What exactly is Domain Popularity?

The Domain Popularity (DomainPop) or domain popularity indicates how strongly a domain is linked. This is done by taking a look at the domain variety of the entire linking BACKLINKS is taken into account. For this reason the Domain Popularity is to be distinguished in each case from the Linkpopularity. Because it only measures the total number of all incoming links.


So if webmasters are looking for a KPI that is qualitative, they should choose Domain Popularity. Link popularity, on the other hand, is more quantitative. After entering a domain and activating the Domain Popularity process, the website owner gets a detailed overview with all incoming domains.



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What does the domain popularity say about a westsite?

A closer look at the Domain Popularity shows that it tells how many different domains have been linked to. Just because it is high and shows many domains, it is far from being the only benchmark.


Because in addition, there are also other crucial factors that say something about the overall link profile.



These include:


  • Distribution of backlinks (in different C-class networks)
  • Domain Popularity of the linking domains to the own website
  • Trust the domain
  • Bad Neighbourhood


Even though Domain Popularity is only one value and factor among many, it can provide initial clues.


How can you increase your domain popularity?

In order to increase the domain popularity, no great elaborate measures are required. All webmasters need to do is collect links from several different sources.
However, it should be noted that website owners should use clean methods to collect inbound links. Measures in which many backlinks are collected via the same anchor text (link text), are classified as spam after some time, so that it can lead to a penalty. The same applies to link buying, where links are randomly placed on any domains against payment.


In the past, it was sufficient to place relevant keywords on link-giving domains. Rankings rose quickly and webmasters achieved good traffic statistics. But nowadays the process of collecting backlinks has become much more complex. There are many important factors to consider.


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Conclusion on Domain Popularity

If a backlink profile is evaluated, it is not uncommon for tools to show the absolute number of all links pointing to a domain. This is the case, for example, when a domain links from the sidebar or the footer.


To get around this inaccuracy, the domain popularity is excellent. It shows from which and how many different domains a link is actually made. This allows operators to get a better picture and quickly recognize which domains actually make up the link profile.



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