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In a nutshell: What is a guest post?

A guest post is an article that is published on an external website. Both sides (article provider and website owner) benefit from this and receive traffic and BACKLINKS.

What is a guest post?

A guest post (also known as guest post or guest article) is a well-known and popular method among bloggers and website owners. The goal on both sides is to get more traffic and in contrast for the placement on the guest post page to set a backlink.


In this way, both participants gain added value from the guest post. In terms of subject matter, both sides consult with each other so that a corresponding guest post is written for a selected industry or niche.


It is not uncommon for operators who want to get a backlink to have their guest post written by an online editor. For example, if they have not fully mastered the copywriting craft.



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What are the advantages of a guest post?


If guest author and website owner decide to use a Guest Post, both have decisive advantages:


  • The guest author receives a backlink for his website. This gives him link power, traffic and thus more reach and more possible prospects/customers at the same time.


  • The operator of the website (e.g. of a blog) gets a high-quality article with a certain topic. Thus, he has fresh content without much effort.


  • Depending on the approach, both sides therefore benefit in the long term and not just in the short term


  • Especially with well-known websites and blogs, website owners can gain plus points as they get a valuable link and increase the reach for their site.


How to create guest posts on other websites?

Basically, it is not difficult to publish a guest article. First and foremost, communication is important for this. First of all, the website operator on whose page the guest article is to be published must be contacted. This can be done, for example, via the contact form.


Many editorial sites also offer their own guest article section, in which the guidelines are directly specified. After a brief agreement on the topic, structure and style, the guest article can be created.


It is important to ensure that the guest post does not sound too arrogant or promotional. It should be written as neutrally as possible and structured like a purely factual text. Then nothing stands in the way of a collaboration and an associated backlink.


In terms of SEO, care should also be taken to ensure that the subject matter of the linking page matches that of the target page. If both pages are irrelevant and off-topic, the guest post is of little use. Quality before quantity!

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Conclusion on the topic of guest contribution

A guest post offers great added value for both guest author and website owner. For the fact that the author has written a relevant article he receives a backlink. In return, the website owner receives high-quality content on the other side. Thus both have something from it.


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