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In a nutshell: What is a Keyword Difficulty?

The Keyword Difficulty is a value that is very important for SEOs. It indicates how strongly a keyword is advertised. Accordingly, it can be determined how difficult it will be with existing competition to rank at the top of the SERPs.



What is the Keyword Difficulty?

Translated, Keyword Difficulty means something like "keyword difficulty". The value helps to find out how much effort it takes to get top rankings with a certain target keyword.


If SEOs want to rank for a keyword with a low keyword difficulty, the effort required is significantly lower. If, on the other hand, it is a popular keyword with a high Difficulty, the competition and thus the effort are greater.


If a new project is created, a KEYWORD ANALYSIS is carried out. Here it is found out which potential keywords are available and for which target group the search terms are suitable. At the same time, the difficulty should also be included in the keyword strategy.


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Why is keyword difficulty so important?

The goal of every SEO and marketer should be not to waste too much time and money on keywords. This is especially true for the most competitive keywords, which have a very high density of competition. Because here it is particularly difficult to rank high in the top ranks.


A look at the top keywords in certain industries shows that search terms with a particularly high search volume have a lot of competition. It therefore makes even more sense to determine the keyword difficulty before starting individual SEO measures. This refers to keywords for the homepage as well as all other subpages of a project.


How to determine the Keyword Difficculty?

There are many different keyword tools on the Internet. Here, specific keywords or entire keyword lists are entered and the search query is started. The tool then retrieves all important keyword data. This includes the monthly search volume, strength of the competition and the associated keyword difficulty.


MOZ, KWFinder and Ahrefs are some of the well-known tools in this area.

What keywords should SEO's search for?

The goal of every SEO should be to find keywords with a high search volume and a high conversion potential. They should rank in the top 10 ranks of the SERPs in a certain period of time with the help of certain SEO measures.


It is best when keywords have a high search volume, while the competition is relatively low. In this case, the keyword difficulty is low and SEOs find it much easier to be displayed in Google's top 10.

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Conclusion on the topic of Keyword Difficulty

The keyword difficulty indicates how difficult it is to rank in the top 10 with a search term. Accordingly, this value should not be neglected in keyword research and is of great importance. Special SEO tools with integrated keyword research are used to determine the keyword difficulty.



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