SEO Glossary: Schema.Org Markup

In a nutshell, what is markup?

With the help of a markup it is possible to structure website content clearly and concisely. The goal is to make the content easy to find for search engines like Google, Bing and the like. This enables quick and easy analysis and output in the SERPs.


What is a markup?

If website owners and webmasters want to present their content in a uniform way, the markup can help. On the portal of SCHEMA.ORG portal shows all the necessary information on how to present data and content in a structured way.


Meanwhile, the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex are working together on the standard to enable a uniform structuring of data. The goal is to make it easier to process such content with the corresponding markups. This makes it possible, for example, to display the corresponding markups as rich snippets in the SERPs.


Example: The operator of a cooking portal publishes a large number of recipes online. Each individual recipe is displayed on a subpage and structured using markups.


If a recipe appears in Google's SERPs, thanks to the structured information, it will be listed as a RICH SNIPPET thanks to the structured information. Both ingredients and preparation tips are displayed in a clearly structured table directly in the search engine results.


Below are some commonly used element types:


  • Dates, events and activities
  • Information about people
    Products and similar offers
  • Books, music, movies, series and co.
  • Various recipes from the world of baking and cooking
  • Information about companies, stores, restaurants and places
  • Reviews and ratings


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Why is it important to structure content with markup?


Below are important information and facts why markups are so important:


  • In the past, it was not easy for website operators to output their content in a clear and structured way. With the help of markups, this is now quick and easy. Here are all the important information to adopt them in your own project.
  • Big, well-known and relevant search engines like Google and Bing use the markup to represent data in a structured way. One more reason,
  • implement such markups on your own project. Because the better and faster search engine crawlers can recognize content and subsequently display it in the SERPs.
  • Last but not least, search engine users also benefit from markups. They can find the information they need more quickly and easily without having to search for it for a long time. Search engines like Google always try to display such high-quality content high up.


How is markup implemented?

In order to include the appropriate and helpful markups on your own site, offers a free database and documentation. Here you can read all the information on how the semantic markup of structured data is done correctly. Directly after implementing the element types Search engine crawlers can already process the prepared content and include it in the SERPs.


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Conclusion: What is markup? markups offer great added value not only for search engines, but also for website operators and visitors. While search engines present various information such as cooking recipes in a structured way, they are clearer for users. Last but not least, rich snippets look more attractive to users, which can result in a higher click-through rate.

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