7 Tips for the Local Snack Pack: This is the role of your Google my Business entry

Have you ever heard of the Local Snack Pack? This is what SEOs call the area of search results that are displayed locally and appear in combination with Google Maps (i.e. your company location). In the following, I will explain which texts search engines love and which rules you should adhere to so that Google & Co. will receive your content in the best possible way. At the same time, I will also make it clear to you that your content must not only appeal to search engines, but above all to your real visitors. You can achieve this balancing act. In this article, I'll show you what you need to bear in mind and why you should put the creation of SEO texts in the hands of professionals.



Local search results work a little differently than the normal Google search. For numerous search terms (e.g. restaurant, hairdresser, etc.), it is not (only) how well they are generally optimized for the search engine that counts. The proximity to the searcher is also crucial.


While proximity is automatically included as a relevant factor for the search phrases mentioned, there are also other results where only the entry of a location-defining search tail activates the Local Snack Pack (e.g. advertising agency HAMBURG, sports equipment manufacturer Berlin, etc.).


Important: Even if search queries are very similar - e.g. Bistro Kiel, Bistro in Kiel or simply Bistro (if you are currently in Kiel) - different results will be displayed. So it may be worthwhile to set different priorities.


In the following I will show you which To-Do's you have to fulfill in order to appear in Google's LOCAL SNACK PACK and become more discoverable for users in local search.


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TIP #1: Set up Google My Business



If you want to OPTIMIZE your website for the LOCAL SEARCH, you can't get around Google My Business (GMB for short). The search engine giant hereby provides us with an incredibly versatile tool to put a company location in the right light.

The setup of the GMB entry is completed quite quickly. But then the optimization work really starts! Many of the following tips therefore relate to the GMB entry.

TIP #2: Synchronize website & GMB entry


There is a lot of data that you should not only collect on your Google My Business account, but also showcase prominently on your website. These are for example:

  • Address of your company
  • Opening hours (also: store holidays)
  • Contact persons and contact options


If the information on your website and GMB listing is the same, there will be no confusion - and that, in turn, is a positive user signal that will satisfy Google.


TIP #3: Build up local citations


Make an effort to link to sites that have a regional connection. You should research the following regional sites:

  • District directories
  • Yellow pages with a regional focus Regional media (e.g.
  • Weekly papers with small circulation)

The goal behind this is that Google is firmly convinced that your company is really relevant for a certain location. This improves your ranking and the chance to be played in the Local Snack Pack.

TIP #4: Collect (good) reviews

A decisive factor for appearing in the Google Snack Pack is good reviews. There is nothing wrong with making your customers aware of the possibility to rate - either directly or via stickers or flyers.


Of course you can't ask for fake reviews. But very few users come sc


hlichtweg on the idea of giving a rating. Give them a friendly reminder and you will be rewarded.


Important: Critical voices are also valuable. Respond to every rating of 3 stars or more with a comment. This does not push your ranking, but it can significantly improve the CTR.


TIP #5: Keep the conversation going


On your Google My Business profile you can not only store basic information about your company. You can also publish regular news and stories here.

In order to get a positive effect on the placement in Google's Snack Pack, you should of course ideally post articles with a regional reference. For example, when you describe your services in more detail, you should always mention where your customers can find you (preferably with the full address).

Every word with a local reference is a decisive signal for Google to be displayed preferentially.

TIP 6: Make your GMB entry more useful


As with classic SEO Off- and ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION , the following principle also applies to GMB optimization: The focus is on the user experience. Your GMB post gives you numerous opportunities to provide useful information for your visitors.


In addition to the ratings, regularly check the questions and answers that GMB automatically asks. In the best case, you can answer them yourself. You may also have to correct some of the information.


Also, add a lot of images and make sure that potential visitors get a good impression. The more clicks you collect and the more engagement you generate, the higher Google will value this and may soon reward you with a prominent placement in the Local Snack Pack.


TIP 7: Use the power of topicality


In addition to physical proximity, SEO relevance and positive signals, there is another factor that influences playout in the Local Snack Pack: temporal relevance. A business that is currently closed will normally not be displayed by Google. What benefit would that have for the visitor?


Apart from the opening hours, you can also enter other information that can express temporal relevance and topicality: Events. If you are currently running an event, you should communicate this.


It does not necessarily have to be a real event. Even if you offer "all you can eat" spare ribs every Tuesday, for example, it is just as relevant as a Family Wednesday with special discounts at a furniture store or a reading at a bookstore.


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Conclusion on optimizing the GMB entry for the local Snach Pack

As you can see, you can take various measures to be more likely to appear in Google's Local Snack Pack. Many things are only a one-off effort, but can result in a lot of visibility. Especially for companies that rely heavily on walk-in customers, the (ongoing) optimization of the GMB entry is an absolute must.


As an SEO FREELANCER, I would be happy to help you and take a look together with you to see whether you are already fully exploiting your potential in this area and which methods you can use to achieve even more visibility and reach paying customers. Feel free to contact me!



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