The power of local SEO with GMB

You think search engine optimization is only for big companies? That's not true! Well, there are some keywords for which it is difficult to achieve good rankings because they are so highly competitive.

But especially in the so-called "local search results" everyone has a good chance, because here one thing counts above all: regionality.

In this article I will explain to you what LOCAL SEO OPTIMIZATION is all about and how you can cleverly place your company in the search results. In particular, the focus is on the possibilities that arise in connection with the Google MyBusiness entry.

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How Google's local search works

First of all, you need to understand how Google's local search works. Let's take a look at the example of a restaurant.

Google now knows that users sometimes search for pages that have a regional reference to their current location. For example, if you are traveling in HAMBURG and type "restaurant" into the search mask, Google will mainly show you results from restaurants in Hamburg.

A few particularly strong pages, such as Wikipedia, still make it to the top of the list. However, the more specific the query, the fewer "general hits" there will be.

Long tail keywords that explicitly refer to a specific location are even more unique. For example, if you enter "Italian restaurant Hamburg", logically only Italians in Hamburg will be displayed. If, on the other hand, you enter "Italian restaurant Cologne", you will logically be shown Italian restaurants in Cologne, regardless of your location.

There is another special feature in Google's local search: Google MyBusiness entries. Some of these are displayed on the right side of the search results or directly at the top. Here, the user can find recommendations for companies or localities that are located in his area (and that match the search query).

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How do I optimize my site for local search?

Optimization for GOOGLE LOCAL SEARCH is basically based on three factors:

Of course, the classic SEO SUCCESS LAWS and the SEO BASICS that I have already scrutinized in my previous articles still apply. At Local SEO the now mentioned tips are also on the checklist.

Matching content to the search query

If you run - to stay with the example - an Italian restaurant in Hamburg, this should also be clear on your website. Think about how users should find their way to your site. The following terms are conceivable, for example:

Of course, the most relevant keywords should also appear on your page. This way you make it clear to Google that you are indeed the owner of an Italian restaurant (in Hamburg).

Recognizability of local relevance - U.A. With Google my Business

The fact that the word "Hamburg" appears on your website from time to time already lets Google assume that your Italian restaurant is really located in the Hanseatic city.

It is best to help Google even more, so that the search engine is really sure that you are worth a playout in the local search results.

Make sure, for example, that there is a map on your website and integrate the address of your restaurant on every subpage (e.g. in the footer). This way, there is no way around the fact that Google assigns you to the city of Hamburg.

Now the already mentioned Google MyBusiness entry comes into play. Here you have the possibility to enter your exact address, so that Google knows the exact location of your restaurant. Anyone who is within a radius of a few hundred meters will now most likely be referred to you.

Did you already know? In the past, there were Google Places entries in addition to the Google MyBusiness entry. In the meantime, Google has merged the different approaches and offers a universal solution with Google MyBusiness.

Strengthening local relevance

To prove to Google not only that you are local, but also worth a mention, you need to increase your local relevance. Here, too, the Google MyBusiness entry plays an important role.

Google offers a 5-star rating system that allows users to rate their visit to a location. Motivate your customers to leave a rating. This way, you not only collect valuable feedback, but also push your local relevance.

Furthermore, you should keep an eye on the user experience on your Google MyBusiness listing. Up-to-date articles, high-resolution images and further information make the user curious. Google registers the behavior on the business pages, which can also lead to an improved ranking.

Tip: Another way to improve the local power of your site are so-called "local citations". These are, for example, entries in local business directories. In this way you also underline your local reference and strengthen the relevance of your site.

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